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Right dana your letters t my for t is my favorite movie were despite being the hero of the movie the hero still blatantly rapes someone thunderball oh james bond yeah he does love terrible things but he also keeps us say here's a woman in a steam room when he walks in and she goes oh no mr bald and he goes over here's an shots the door and that's it the cops don't show up later in cystic crime it's a license to kill that's it instead of wrong oh it's not a license to kill pussy that license that's licensed to crush a totally different oh grabbed nation ira with tarzan in the lost city o o for tom to car i'm sure that there's there's no recall at changes there the root pissed off i'm going to israel chimpanzee i'm gonna go with oprah other world though okay i went with outbreak also involving a monkey there's a theme here i don't see it dana.

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