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Smart Behavior, Change Yeah One of my biggest passions when I was coming up through high school and college was. I had a lot of awesome mentors for into me as a young person and change my path a little bit and teach me how to be a servant Linger and had actually influence people in a positive manner. So our big push with marching health is that yes, it's health wellness but fifty percent of it is actually student leadership development and investing in young people. Wow that is great. That is great story. I. Mean I love all this one and I mentioned in your intro you WanNa, ps contest as well for Idea contest and you brought it to fruition. Yeah. So my third year going into your three physical therapy school I'd seen this out there before the private practice section having a student business concept contest. And we had. During the summer, our business class this is really funny story My my classmates are GONNA laugh if they're listening to this. We get in groups of four and you had to come up with a business for physical therapy. And I was with three students who had four point knows that time. Hours Boddington in the class and needed to help bring me up maybe maybe the professor plan that help me out a little bit. So I pitched my idea to them and it got shut down. And we did their idea and ended up getting a B.. So they got one of their own their only bees. May, refuse to do mine. So I. started seeing some mentors business mentors in the community. One was my mother-in-law phenomenal physical therapists and physical therapy business owner, and then I got in touch with a couple of private practice owners and got one that was really. Bit, helping me out here just very good to me out. Sam. Is for those tuning in this is my Bernie doodles will dog shops it's always it's always welcomed. He's a therapy dog. So we took him through therapy dogs school. He was in the clinic with me full time for a little while first year practice. So, anyways. I got some good feedback and great help from them and presented what I call at the time musicians health that was the the business concept for this and. Goodwill ended up winning the contest and. The flew me out to Las Vegas gap me in with all the P tease out there I got on Jerry Carter's podcast as a student at. The top business owners at the time became a part of the Membership Development Committee actually as a student. So I saw the inner workings of it and had several assignments where I'd call business owners around the country as a student in..

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