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You cannot afford for him to go to a deed never mind. The fact that has made certain inroads in recent years into Nike's basketball business where they were totally dominant Zion. Williamson is that dude is the man that would be enough pressure for Nike, but he blew up in your sneaker. Ziya Williams was going to get a hundred million dollars Nico contract right out of college one year. Here's a hundred million bucks. This. I mean like how could Adidas let them go. Now. How can I cannot sign them? Oh, I love this smart. Let me tell you this. It was not because he makes himself more tractive. And he's begging him telling he's basically telling the d this got an opportunity to get me. How much are you willing to pay beautiful marketing on his part, but bad marketing for Nike 'cause this is not a good look Bill overcome it? Because Nike is is. I mean the monolith. But still in all it's not a good look them. I wanna say this real quick max. And we'll on this love I wanna they're left a little bit. I can't say enough about how I feel about ROY Williams and North Carolina for Duke having my shifty who's coached the Olympics and all stars wanna compla- with him and all the big name. All Americans wanna come to this program because they see him coaching team USA NB yon. What is ROY Williams do twenty five and five right there in the ACC? You look at these boys. Cameron whether the Cameron Johnson Koby, white Luke maye the big three. Luke maye had thirty and fifteen last time they. Played North Carolina man, I got a lot of love for ROY. 'cause they just keep their head down and win a good game this weekend. Yes. About the way Dita's ads just right themselves. They write themselves for the pressures on Nike, actually, yet is zero rake it out. All right. All right. We asked you guys to weigh in on our Twitter poll Twitter poll of the day. Here was the question is it time for the NFL to change its rules on marijuana. And you would home said this seventy nine percent of you said. Yes. Tom to change the rules agree. Yeah. May I ask what you do. You think it's time to change the rules to be clear, I think the rule should change. But if if they don't change the rules, you got to capitulate to it rather than researchers. So million shirt I have one question, and maybe one of you to figure out what it is for the twenty one percent. Who voted no have any idea? What that question is. What are you smoking? That's right or max don't say to the question say it out with the chess. Stay off the win. Because clearly there on it. It's it's a bad. Look for the NFL points out hypocrisy and six different ways. The NFL does not need puts tension on all the wrong things in the league, including the dangers of the sport. Come on get with the clear, David Arben took himself out not the other way round. That's right, right. Even having didn't arrive in the league. All right. It's been fun hanging out with you guys back on Monday. What's good job? Good job rebate. Ca janke. He's still a double. You're very good.

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