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They turned it into the single worst border crisis in U. S history. That's Fox's Griff Jenkins. America's Listening to Fox News 93 wi PC Mobile News on the level on the go what they're willing to give you if you do your part, a mostly sunny sky with a clear radar 57 degrees on monument. Circle. I'm John Herrick. Here's what's trending at 702 prize drawings and an ad campaign. The city of Indianapolis and health leaders in Marion County are hoping those things will give people incentives to get their coronavirus vaccine. Eric Berman reports. County started holding prize drawings for gift cards and tickets to the zoo, the Children's Museum and the Colts sometimes gets your attention Where you otherwise? Might not be paying attention. So you know. Are you listening to the message about the vaccinations where you do more study? And evaluation of the benefit health director Virginia came, says the vaccination drive is a race against the more infectious Delta variant, which originated in the UK It's now the dominant strain there and in Indiana. Eric Berman, 93 5 EEC Mobile news Or maybe you need assurance that you won't suffer inflammation of the heart. It's happened in rare cases. Chief community health medical Officer Ra Mileti says it can weaken the heart muscle. But long term damage is not common, vast majority by cardiac for young people and the result spontaneously. In any case, he says, the coronavirus is worse. Which is why he says you should get vaccinated. What's to blame for the economic downturn during the pandemic? Kurt Darling reports on the perspective of one economist Who says initially it was not the government's fault Ball. State economist Mike Hicks says the proof is in the data. He says the country was already in a recession a month before any government action was taken to stop the spread of Covid, for example, consumer spending at grocery stores and restaurants and accommodations all of those had flipped before the first government action. Talking to Indy politics, he says. Spending at fast food joints in restaurants was already down by nearly half before the first restrict Actions were rolled out in Indianapolis early last year. Kirk Darling 93 w Y BC Mobile News 32 A gallon is the statewide average for gas today, says Gasbuddy. That's down a couple of cents from where it was Monday in White County Tuesday afternoon, police went to serve an arrest warrant on a man named Perry Boyd. They say when they confronted boy he ran inside the home. Both he and police officers fired their guns at each other. Boyd was hit and later died. A walker town marshal was hit by gunfire, but he's expected to be okay. State police have taken over the investigation. The state of Indiana will be represented and swimming at the Olympics later this summer in Tokyo. U Grad Lilly King will attempt to defend her gold medal in the 100 M breaststroke after recording the fastest time in the U. S Olympic swimming trials in Omaha Tuesday. Carmel High School has their first ever swimmers going to the Olympics. True. Kibler finished third in the 200 M freestyle and will participate in the 800 M freestyle relay in Tokyo. And minutes after that, Jake Mitchell from Carmel qualified in the 400 M freestyle. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the going on wi VC dot com 705 With traffic.

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