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Glory number four number four when worthwhile when reproves worthwhile reproves our resisted our resisted rather than received rather than received when worthwhile reproves when worthwhile our resisted reproves rather our than resisted recede rather than received if you have a courageous if mate you have a courageous you'd better mate listen you'd better listen if you're a gifted man if you're and a gifted you have a man wife and you who have is a not wife intimidated who was not by your intimidated gifts by your gifts you better listen you better listen she is going she to tell is you going straight to tell you straight if she she's worth her salt if she's worth her salt and her reproves and her are reproves better than are life better itself than life itself preachers need good preachers strong need good wives strong wives un intimidated un intimidated straight thinking straight thinking loving but loving honest wives but honest wives you've heard me tell the story you've heard i love me tell it the about story the preacher i love it who about was the young preacher and who was good young preacher and good preacher one of his one of his followers would followers sit on the front and would just sit on the front and just you and all ooh and all with his every sermon with his every sermon one day mrs johnson oneday said mrs to him johnson you know said to him you know you're becoming one of the you're greatest becoming sponsors one of the greatest in this expose generation appears in this generation wow wow an unguarded moment and unguarded he believed moment her he believed her gutless car to go gutless home car and to go his home wife slid and in his beside wife slid him in and beside put the four him kids and in the put backseat the four kids in the backseat rather exasperated rather exasperated he said as he drove he said as he drove mrs johnson says mrs that johnson i says that i it becoming one of the.

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