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Bow tie i'm not presenting any see any of these i i put my career in television on the line to get four people out of jail who were intentionally it wrongfully convicted by corrupt fbi agents by the activities of corrupt fbi agents here in boston in the early 1990s and if you don't think going up against the fbi in boston in 1993 ninety four ninety five ninety six was tough then you don't know what was going on in boston i'm very familiar with how harmed the fbi in worth specifically the justice department can get totally political the prosecution of don siegelman in alabama is probably the most you say uh you know case take it he did seven years in jail and you had twenty six republicans former attorney general's come out with a letter saying that this is a total hit jobs though i i understand what you're saying i guess i would be okay with with the coming out with you do you think is going to put the matter to better do you think democrats are going to key more and so donald mckee beating the drum for months sitcom boise clary o'donnell's gonna keep hammering away all right as the golan a chris i gotta run we'll talk delaitre okay stay warm dabbling to govern i have a good night six one seven to five four 1030 triple eight nine two nine ten thirty a katie wanted you the of john tickets now what do you want wait his you you you decide rob i will do 'em now oh cable we will do them now we're not going to tease people let's open up the busy box office you've got to be.

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