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Where you see chiefly and then you see Vince and he goes he's too fat put a shirt on him and boom. That's what we got. And I'm like dude we're twenty twenty. Now. This is not the eighties. Exactly exactly Josh. Did you have any final comments on this? Oh, I agree with everything that's been said, I like keighley like this has been discussed on this show many times. I like the athletic big guy Brandon big dog. Right. I'm sorry. I'm running I'm busy writing. The book for Undisputed era is I'm booking them as the guys behind retribution. But okay into our next little thing which I wanted to talk about as far as take over and and exceed a little four-way predictions. So we got into this a little bit but who you're taking in this match who's going to be the next NXT champion personally, I think it's time for Ghana to raise that belt up. Oh no, no, nope, Champa. Yes, boss tomasso tomasso. Never never lost that belt Goldie needs to come home. I agree. I'm leaving noted guy in the group are Ty. Cuz cuz I'm going with the longest reigning. Okay. Go do it. I couldn't do it guys. I couldn't do it. He's back. He's back home, you know, you know what, you know, what one time for the viewers in Canada. So yeah, there's also thoughts and that but anyway, it's sadly sadly. You're probably right though, Jean as much as I hate it and pains me your product related brand and let's all hope. Let's hope let's hold that thought. Yeah, I will hold hold. Hey based on the interest rate that we saw tonight. It should be Champa for sure. I think old Jamba winning had Goldie is coming back so I can see him winning that life. You give it back to him cuz he never watched it. That's what cuz you know lost I felt he lost the damn. Yeah. He yeah, so real quick. This is my boss big as far as the next G, but I'm excited for this tag team champions from the bank said they didn't they didn't respond. So I got to give it them slow clap. I Gotta Give gotta give it to them because these are guys who have been Factory long-tenured in in in at WWE took the cut down to NXT to become relevant and off. On dongle, you know, I mean, let's talk about it. This is a guy who beat Chris Jericho in his debut match at WrestleMania WrestleMania. Tyler Breeze wage. It's a phenomenal wrestler who has wrestled all of the big names. Remember the one match you shouldn't Thunder liger had in WWE Paige against Tyler Breeze. They think of they think of him that much and hey, you gotta give it up for technically tiwa breezes second championship in dog e w since he sits on on YouTube. He became the up down down champion and is now renamed in the left right left Ten Championship. All right, so that covers all of it and moving on to the other event of this weekend. And that was SummerSlam wage compared the two but first things first coming out of there wasn't really a whole lot of woman to talk about in SummerSlam except off the main things there wasn't very much to talk about but let's talk about the Manny robots trying to grab the table and had her drive any different times. Let's talk about the Mandy Rhodes box of the caterpillar the woman she could win like wait, wait wait, let's just talk about Mandy Rose. And I I absolutely yeah, right. Yeah. She could have devastating song. She really any thing connected with Otis. I refuse to talk about film. Oh, this is my guy. I wouldn't know know now, I know that that maybe song you a disservice in this. I know that she wanted and I understand that I can get that because the man come on suck but Roman Reigns did anybody see that happening? Did anybody say that? I heard a rumor, but I do want to say anything else. I couldn't see I didn't see anything. They kept that very quiet and I'm glad they did because it was first time in a long time WWE actually got one over on me. I don't know about you. I was like, well, I had heard some rumors here and there because they're now in the Amway it's not enclosed. It's not as close quarters. He can kind of be separated. So I had heard that you could possibly be coming back for this event. Yeah earlier. Oh, he's not a lot of rules still have a lot of rumors going around he was willing to do these that was warming to go a ew for a minute and that was that was never going to happen. He is I think so either but they put they put him in to listen to say rumor said come on man angle happen WWE in his blood like that'll never happen. But here's the other thing of that there's any I've heard a lot of rumors on opinions on the internet stuff you all think he turned heel in that and they would be kind of confronting tomorrow night off. Looks like it's one thing that I would always said that we never got with seen. It was a good he'll run. So I hope they pulled the trigger on Thursday, but I I would still doubt it on. Let me say this one. I hope he's paying jobs. Don't go Steve Austin in his royalties, but the T-shirt he tripped on to he needs no talk to the dentist who ever did his teeth work that $5 over bite. He paid live me too much for and like, okay, it's great. It's Roman Reigns. He's back grade. You shouldn't inserted some dominance. But did you really need to do it after the feed had one you could have easily pulled that off saved that for tonight or Friday Night Smackdown and made it a little bit more impactful dead. Mean something instead of him just showing up wrecking house after what was already, you know, a you know one heck of a match for these two guys, you.

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