Broncos, Chiefs, Daniel Graham discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Finally got the deal done. He had been with Kyle Shanahan in both San Francisco and Atlanta now he becomes a first time offensive coordinator previously. Of course, the Broncos had come to terms with Mike munch to be the offensive line. Coach one of the two head coaching finalists, former CU buffs and Broncos tight end, Daniel Graham, played for months, check in Tennessee. And thinks he'll be great in Denver. Definitely the players coach, you know, you know, towards the end of my career, you know, he's a guy. That's it. You know, I said that I could play for, you know, for some years, you know, and and he has a lot of respect around the league. And there's a reason why, you know, teams want him as often to like, oh, we'll talk with our Broncos insider, Mike Klis at seven forty one long, snapper. Casey, Kreider is going to the Pro Bowl AFC head coach Anthony Lynn selected Kreider as the need player for the AFC. We are day closer to championships Sunday in the NFL New Orleans host the Rams in the NFC, and it'll be cold and KC chief so's the patriots with the forecast calling for a high of twenty seven patriots beat the chiefs forty three to forty in mid October in Foxborough Casey quarterback. Patrick Mahomes says they have to make sure they learn the lessons from that loss in player. Best are especially early in the game. And when you play teams of this caliber you played teams with this much history of knowing how to win and capitalizing on people's mistakes. I mean, you can't come back and win games like that. And it was shown that game. And so for us we have to learn from that no that we can't make those mistakes. We we have to come. With our best best effort from the beginning of the game. All the way through the end. There's gonna be a dogfight for the entire game. If you want to try to come out with a win chiefs in pats or the late game four forty mountain NFC championship starts at one. Oh, five mountains. Saints host the Rams the avalanche closed out its five game Canadian road trip with a whimper falling to the lowly Ottawa Senators five to two Avs only went one and four on the trip disappointing road.

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