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2021 22 drafts to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Pro Bowl offensive tackle Orlando Brown. Yeah, they needed attack and one pick in the 21 draft and another in the 22. Draft, So it's a pic swap is what it is Okay in Orlando Brown, the son of wants to play left tackle because his daddy wants him to play left tackle. So that's Ah. You know what that is? We missed out on Trent Williams. Let's go get what we like in the draft. We're not gonna be able to get any of those guys. Slater. So So go this way so interesting. Kansas City is done. Yeah. Say sorry. I'm really send you another picture. No, that's good. That's a good move for them. They will because they lost. We had Jeff shorts. On yesterday, they asked Mitchell sorts. They released Eric Fisher after had the Achilles injury. So they were hurting along the offensive line to protect bathroom a home, So that's I don't know exactly like you said they're going to swap. First round picks. They're gonna trade his first round pick and then three other picks, and they're gonna swap those picks. So they do lose their one, though for Atlanta Brown, which was obviously thinking of swapping and your baseball cards. Do you have a dentist sectors? Leanna Rick Manning. I'm looking for those right now. Yes, right. The Yankees did. It was a fritz Peterson. Yeah. I got it. I got to find that Reggie card Now I can't find it cause I want to send it to you because he doesn't look like he does in that movie. So in 87 Reggie was back with the age. Yeah, but that was so I guess they must have taken a picture. Of Reggie in a His last year with the Angels in the Angels uniform, and then they They, uh, Reggie probably didn't approve. What was the name of it'll Peachy. Yo, Petey, You probably don't wanna prove that because he was the biggest star in baseball. He was the bonds of that era. So they just took an old one. I don't know. He probably wouldn't have to do it all. So I sent you a Dave Kingman, which there's a great Kingman story. And then there's a young mike Krukow there, right There is your awesome Yeah. The hangman with the A's king with the A's remember, I was a rookie and 72 with the Giants, hidden bombs. That's right bombs being played for everybody. Okay, comes message was this His last year in baseball. Dave Kingman hit 30 home runs He'd be a big hit. Nowadays. You make a ton of money either Hit a bomber strike out or what? Everybody is Dave Kingman? No right to 2030 five's strike out to dry got out of whatever it is that he was not a well like guy. He got slavery. Last year, He had a 30 home runs season and only wanted Theo re sign him. Yeah. Right. In a few minutes. We're gonna talk with our good friend Matt Barrows of the athletic. He's got a few good things obviously up. Talking about the draft and we talked to a trick bulky. He has a great mail bag in which he took. He talked to Mike Shanahan might happen to be at four dinners HQ, So obviously he's done on the discussions as far as which quarterback to take, but Peter Sugar of NFL Network on Good Morning football this morning and we'll play it for you at one o'clock is part of the foreplay. Lot of the tray Lance and how smart he is. I guess the word around the league today and this is the latest as the winds blow is that Trey? Lance is brilliant, he says. He's brilliant student. He's brilliant assed far as The game is concerned. So look, I don't I don't know, but his speculation was that something that tie on Kyle's list as we try to figure out what the heck's going on here. But he definitely lauded Trey Lance and his brilliance. So there you go. That's the latest today. By the way, Dave Kingman's last year with the 86 days you get 35. Home runs and nobody could find a place for him. Well, he had an issue Susan Foreign off with the writer, and it was it was kind of a sticky situation anyway. Um, yeah. You think Kyle Shanahan watches smart quarterback? Tell me anybody who wants the non smart quarterback was no. And I think they're all smart. Mack Jones, you know, runs it at the line. Justin Fields plays with with intelligence. They're all smart. Um So that's why you know various junctures in this has been fun to do. I'll just watch snap. Snap, snap, snap! Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap and watch every snap. Just guy! Boom, boom boom, But then you want to let it breathe, and I want to watch the whole game. I want to see leadership. I want to see how we interact with his teammates. I want to see how he breaks the huddle. I'm going to see how often he looks over to the sideline, all of it. And which is Jones and Lance. Mack Jones runs that game at the line of scrimmage in Alabama Does a lot of and I just just one of the reasons I just don't college football drives me nuts, but they all look over to the sideline and you know they're not. They're not, you know, showing, you know, uh, you know, cut card boards of Farrah Fawcett or something. But there they know Stark likes to be able to check their check. But in in college football, you don't have a speaker helmet. In pro football. You do but what they're doing a pro football Is and that's why you play fast a lot. But Kyle can talk to the quarterback until 15 seconds in the play clock, then it's done. Then he's out. So now it's up to you. So you.

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