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And I was on a cruise ship and I met an individual named Jeffrey Nance and we talked a little bit about a story of meeting and what led to this interview, but I found out that Jeffrey was an army judge, at least a retired army judge, and he's also a currently serving bishop or a judge in Israel, and I thought man, this would be so fascinating to sit down with Jeffree and just talk about the principles of being a judge. How to make tough calls with the impact somebody's life and people who've committed wrongs and what do we consider, what is mercy the concept of mercy? Where does that play into all of this? And we had a phenomenal discussion. We spent the first about 20, 30 minutes just talking about Jeffrey's career, becoming a judge in the army, what that looked like, what his day to today life involved and then we transitioned that into being a judge, a judge in Israel, a bishop, and where those principles manifested there. He was actually the judge on a very high profile case with Bo Bergdahl, many of you who follow politics and things may recognize that name. But he was the judge that decided the Bo Bergdahl case and a man talking about a fascinating journey and a bit tricky at times that he went through just a phenomenal story. Here we go, let's jump into this learning more about how to be a judge. Not just a judge though, a judge in Israel, making tough calls. Here we go. My interview with Jeffrey Nance. Today I'm headed to Charleston, South Carolina with Jeffrey Nance. How are you, Jeffrey? I'm great. How are you? Good. Now, do you go by Jeff, Jeffrey, or just either one? Either one. Either for either the three. It's fine, nice. Now, we had the pleasure of meeting recently in January of 2023. We are on a cruise together. One of the latter day travel cruises that I have the opportunity to speak on from time to time and you happen to be on the cruise and we connected. So that was great. Yeah, it was a fun time to a group of Latter day Saints there on the high seas and it was an experience for sure. How did you end up on that cruise? Well, we were at the temple back last summer, and we ran into some folks that we had known when we were stationed at fort Gordon, Georgia. They were there at the temple, so we made this reunion we hadn't seen them in years. And they said, hey, we're going on a cruise in January. You guys should go with us and they told us all about it. And we said, yeah, that sounds pretty good. So we looked into it and yeah, that's how we ended up there. And then we told some other people about it, and they came. So we had a small little South Carolina slash Georgia contingent there. Yeah, it was great. It was great. And as I was on the ship and I'm talking to different people eating with different people and a few of them, few in your group said, hey, listen, you've really got to talk with this as Jeffrey Nance guy. He's a bishop and he's had quite a career path and I think he'd be a phenomenal interview. And so after a little bit of arm twisting, we got you to agree in the interview. This isn't your typical thing, right? Right.

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