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No. I don't know why. But i kept thinking for some weird reason that were killed was going to seen more massively huge from a from a hawk smash standpoint. I felt she was maybe gonna be kind of a shadowing mercedes of bid by it wasn't even the case at all it was even the case at all Hard and match definitely a nice hard hidden match You kind of sucks. That there wasn't a title change. But i mean we. We all kind of knew that kill. Nah not not right now. She's still steady hot hand and everything But but good person to work with definitely a good personal work would really help him. Bring were kale mercedes. Martinez really helping put raquel on that greater map. You know putting putting her up on the chain a little higher. There will what they did tonight and everything. Good should i. I'm still wondering though. How long before dakota kyw the jealousy and all that starts to settle in and cuma- jim blossom song. Hey jealousy you know how much longer till that goes down. Isiah swerve scott cutting a promo on the ramp and then he's introducing his new stable known as the hit row. Records hit row Aj francis he's known as top dollar. Frances brianna brandy is be fab brandy and then you got ashanti. The a donnas top dollar This was pretty good this. This was very refreshing. I actually dug this as far as all the segments. Go and everything. This for me was best join of the night. I love day. And i just felt as i was watching. All these guys take turns. You know talking in everything. I kinda fell to a certain degree. I fell to a certain degree be fab. I felt she was maybe foxy brown. Or little cam right. I'm watching. I'm watching fucking Ashanti don is you know i'm looking at him and you know and i'm going okay. Too short right. that's too short. I'm looking at fuck in Aj francis top dollar. I'm looking at him. I'm kinda like okay Big punisher okay. I'm looking at who who who. Who else is left. Who who's laughing now. Think got pretty much. Everybody except for Isaiah swerve scott as swerve scott. You know i'm looking at him and he's probably guy who's who could i say you know. Maybe he is. Maybe he's met that man all right. Maybe he's method man in all you you just kinda. Like buddhists nice little entourage of a a low hip hop lou. I i liked. This is very very refreshing. As long as i have been watching an x t Very seldom have. I really really got into a stable. That just okay i totally can not only relate to this but i really think this is fucking bad ass now. Don't get me wrong. I thought the undisputed era. I thought that was okay but i never was heavily..

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