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Military base in an attempt to see the alien's more than two million users of now said they're going. another million five saying they're interested in going but they're not gonna get that many people showing up but the problem is. Rachel Nevada is a town of about fifty people. and they have no infrastructure there there's no gas station for forty miles they have one little thing it's a trailer called the little alien the little bard sells books and things like that about extraterrestrials and UFOs and that kind of thing. but they're concerned that they're going to have some problems out there they also have really unfortunately no police presence of any kind it's a town of fifty. so they don't know what's going to actually take place. and they're concerned in the the governor's actually looking at calling out the Nevada National Guard. or the state guard. popular destination Rachel is hundreds of UFO sightings of taking place there so says the town's website the only business left in town is the little alien. so I don't know what people are planning on doing or where they plan on living but the bottom line is many Roberts who created the storm area fifty one post that went viral broke ties with the event over infrastructure and safety concerns he said the the idea of alien stock it was supposed to be a festival scheduled for tomorrow. he said that you know I think we're gonna pass on that not gonna go because it's just gonna create too many problems he also said the whole thing was supposed to be a joke but a lot of people take these types of things seriously so there you go I think I you know this audio is really interesting the you know when you put the military and they're coming out and saying yes we don't know what it is. and you see the video to from the cameras on these fighter jets I mean it's pretty impressive stuff I'm not a believer that anything's extraterrestrial but you know. you gotta wonder. these guys have no idea.

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