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The problem with the vacation now is that when you get your big family together it seems like a great idea and then you're with them for a week and by the end of the week you go okay never gonna call on a family vacation to get out but you're probably right you go to some tropical island where there's happy hours at like eleven AM in the morning and then happy hours at five in the afternoon you get drunk eat some good food and you have some fun with your loved ones right that's the way you got to do it because you know cars come and go the the those that family time not to get all lovey dovey and bush's is very valuable you know you can replace a car you can't replace family members so yeah I I fry probably go with the family vacation trip some tropical resorts and some all inclusive islands and and basically create your own bubble down there not only as good as I I've I hope we both to get to this point winning having a midlife crisis to the car actually like fix it does actually feel better after glasses to days like I think a word a midlife crisis what were to become your car's not gonna fix that so I think it it helps for about two months and you're driving around in your sports car sat on the man like this is incredible and then after two months maybe even less than that doesn't reality the things that are annoying you don't you have to eventually address that so yeah I think it's a a short fix it is that car but I probably got the seven day family vacation for the fiftieth birthday anyway so let me get to the next stock up and that is going to be the U. S. open they're going to have the U. S. open reports it is not going to be fans there but at least tennis fans to have that fixes a fortune there will be fans of the building but Hey we're operating in a in a different time right now with the corona virus the US open one of my favorite sporting events of the year always love to go on fortune will be able to go but at least we'll be able to watch it on a little television on so a stock up that will still have the U. S. open for tennis all right this one I absolutely love I couldn't believe this when I first read it now if you know me I am not a fan of Ryan Bryan Colangelo and his wife Barbara Bodine Barbara Bodine a with her another unknown sources account out of all the burner accounts that you had that was the one with the cap profile picture that actually followed me I don't know why it followed me I don't think I had that much clout but clearly barber but Denia must've said something about Bryan Colangelo that she didn't like or that Bryan Colangelo didn't like it's still one of the more bizarre things that I've ever seen happen in the sports world where you have a general manager of the basketball team end up having to depart from the basketball team because they care about what people are saying on the internet about them whether it was that the collar on his shirt was too big or find a new slant so the reason I bring this up today is I saw this tweet promoters ESPN sources former NBA executive Bryan Colangelo has purchased an ownership stake analysts similar visor wall girl with the LRE hawks of the Australian national basketball league now I'm getting word that Bryan Colangelo's get a higher is wife Barbara but the need to be the social media course mile.

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