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To move it out because I think. It's the great equalizer. You think it's becoming. I've really see you're a big guy. So you don't like those little guys beat. Now. The big guys are the ones beaten everybody. We're in a new era where everyone grows up now. This is just part of the game. I I do think it's time to move that line out a little bit Durham made the second seventy four sixty eight hundred nine trailing by six o'clock is now they're going to be five thirty six remaining Callixte drives and his filed by Pflueger. So that'll be the third filed against the Irish six Oklahoma. So Notre Dame's gonna start going into the one on one situation when they are filed the rest of the way. Callixte? He gets it on in now to manic manic up to open. Chartres opens on over to collect the Aaron Callixte on the dribble pulls it back out five twenty four and counting remaining in regulation time Irish trailing by six around a screen from manic is collecting nice change of direction on the dribble gets to an open Freeman who misses the three and Pflueger high in the air to get that rebound. And now he's gonna bring it up against pressure. Promoters gets it over the torch track. He's got a full head of steam into the paint gets it to Goodwin up top Harvey. Giving him the three he doesn't take it gives it to Gibbs Gibbs behind his back at the foul line out to Goodwin Goodwin. A Pflueger thirteen in the shot clock. Pflueger? Down by the right block up top Harvey Harvey. Driving right side of the lanes for the following runner. That's good beautiful shot by deejay Harvey seventy four seventy Irish back to within four stops to get some stops here. Four thirty eight remaining regulation times comes collects between the circles Callixte between his legs Callixte. He throws in the corner to Reynolds Reynolds brings it back up top Reynolds Callixte. Callixte eat tripling to is right between his legs three times. Now drives down the lane. Turnaround book is could quick release on the hook Callixte. He just five eleven last guy. You thought it's gonna take a hook of the lane. But he did seventy six seventy Oklahoma by six here comes up to his left now on over the Pflueger Pflueger. Op shop to Gibbs fourteen in the shot clock now Harvey right extended between the circles kits ten in the shot clock. Kids long three off the back of the remedies foul Gibbs gonna go to the line to shoot three. And just not a smart play. They're all from Freeman. I don't know what you're thinking. They're clearing out a guy shooting.

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