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Convenience of it and not having to take time off work to go to you know in your neighborhood necessarily you really can't go anywhere you want to vote i don't think it hurts i i don't think that there's a whole lot of proof it drives turn out but people here love it and then i'll be honest it's been amazing you know we get laughed at by everyone in indianapolis you know across the rest of the state mystifying how a place like indianapolis can't figure this out i i understand the politics but it just is with everything else in the way it is with convenience and move to convenience why that's not done in indianapolis is that answers there you go they'll trust each other well we we didn't trust each other here either necessarily and you know they just they just did and this is a this is a county that that goes in two or three different directions depending on what's going on in you know who's on the ballots democratic mayor on one side of the river republican mayor on the other side a fairly heavily republican county ministration it doesn't seem to play into this and you got ta makita touting that he's he's leading based probably on the fact that to be the county is voting on turning out right now are they as day bangor davis but the journal courier the newspaper up in lafayette tippecanoe county and get into perspective outside the four six five bubbly dave one of the other things i wanted to pick your brain on is the fourth congressional district that is congressman repeat is by the seat that he has vacating you've got about thirteen people i think on both democrat and republican side running to fill that vacancy at looks like at least on the republican side of things is pretty much come down to former state rep steve braun worked head of workforce development former mike pence aid diego morales and state rep jim bear how is that race looking since that seems to be the big one to sort of pay attention to as far as contested primaries go in the state a couple one to really get a read on i think you're right on the republican side those three that you talk about they've all raised in six figures i mean if you're just doing it on cash value.

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