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Rick Devon's is what a thorn Rick Devon's is in their side. And how boy we just can't stop. Rick Devon's Rick Devon's is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And there's so much talk about how it's almost feels like that they are making the case not for any of their own cases with the jury that seemingly all they do is talk about how great Rick Devon's isn't how they can't stop him. Well, I would be nervous in this situation about being the one to to make a case about how how great my game was in front of the jury because it sure seems like every single week the biggest target other than Rick Devon's gets wiped out. And I wouldn't wanna be that person. You know, I would wait until I get to the jury to make the case why deserve the money to the jury. I hear you about like pumping up rake from my perspective and probably from their perspectives. Rick is winning. If he gets to the end, you know, the jury is visibly one hundred fifty five thousand percent agree. Rick Devon's is winning. If he gets to the end. So why not play into? It's not. I don't think they that. He'll he'll win more because the jury is cheering him, right? Because the players are are acknowledging what everyone out there already knows. And so why not play into that? Why not talk about that? And even use that focus on Rick as a way to disguise what their other plan was which was a blindsided and Aurora aligns agree with blindsiding Aurora. I don't understand why that for Gavin Indyk Torey. Okay. So we understand why Julie wants to keep Lauren in the game. And so I mean Lauren wants to keep in the game and vice versa. So that Julie wants wants to keep Loren Loren feels good about keeping Julian the game and the two of them they have this working relationship that we saw from a couple of weeks ago when they went on the reward with Devon's and war dog. But at the point where then Lauren comes to Gavin and says, hey what? If we vote out Aurora, and then there's well, let me see what Victoria thinks about this. And Victoria is not she does not love this idea. But I think that Victoria capitulated this week to the demands to be in the numbers which we've applauded her for all season. I think the move was they coulda done a three to one out Lauren at this tribal council and kept Aurora in the game. Take out Lauren who for whatever reason felt like she wanted to keep Julie in the game. That'd be a red flag to me. Why does she want? Julia around. And now, let's vote out larent- at this. Trouble council will blindside her and they'd be blindsiding her with an idol as well. And you keep Aurora in the game to potentially be another person who can stop Rick Devon's from winning immunity. Yeah. I do think that Aurora is more of a consistent challenge competitor, someone who can stop Devon. So I agree with that general. Thinking that Aurora a good force. I think when it comes down to like, and I also thought what I saw that scene with Gavin in Victoria, that there was a really strong chance that they were going to flip the vote onto onto Lorant. But like the question of whether to focus on devote Lorne or vote out Aurora seems to me like splitting hairs to a certain degree. And it really is going to be dependent on what the people on the island actually, think a couch. They trust that person. And what they realistically think that person's winner chances. So I also feel like voting out Lauren would have been another thing that you could say to the jury like Rick is never even in the loop on these plans now that this was a case where unlike last week where. Yeah, he played his idol and got run out, but he had voted for a Rura. Now, he in this tribal council he voted for a Roth IRA, and he can now talk about this. As one of his moves that he got Aurora out of the game. And she's talking about, you know, go after Rick Devon's again. Then the person the in the room who's talking about. I gotta go after Rick Devon's ends up leaving for ad from that tribal council for.

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