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Pet adoptions went through the roof. But under financial constraints, the cost to taking care of critters may be too much for some households. Moving on to sports news, not a great start to the new year for the Warriors off to somewhat of a rough start on their home court to empty Chase Center they lost to the Portland Trail Blazers won 23 to 98. With more sports news. Now here's Steve bicker. Becky Hammon became the first woman to serve as a head coach in an NBA game, taking over for the ejected Gregg Popovich late in the second quarter against the visiting Lakers down 13 points in a game the Spurs eventually lost by 14. It was business as usual. You know, there used to hearing my voice in practice in practice, You know, Papa put us into teams and we each have a team, so they're kind of used T hearing me out there Seeing me draw play on the board or what not, and I think in all this I think you know everyone in their mind. How does this look? How's this gonna work? How are these guys gonna listen, The guys were great. Not just the guys who play for San Antonio guys on the other teams as well. The guys are really a non issue. Their attitudes in their approach is always great. With me and and really all across the league. You can go on any team, and I think they're there. You're almost hyper aware of it. They give me great eye contact. They give me great focus. They gave me great energy, and I want to just make sure I give that all back to them, Hammond said. She knows it's a big deal. What happened Wednesday night, although in the moment all she wanted to do was help your team win the game. Becky Hammond was a three time All American to Colorado State, a six time All Star in her 16 year W NBA career and is now in her seventh season as an assistant coach with the Spurs. And Don't be surprised when Gregg Popovich eventually hangs him up. I'll be 72 next month that Becky Hammond takes over and becomes the first female head coach in NBA history at the Sports desk. Steve bigger KCBS..

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