WSB, Arkansas, Lieutenant Governor George discussed on Herman Cain


The bubble college suv brutal also the knowledge last night hero wsb's they fold arkansas aid the sadi's eighty to seventy seven in double overtime george now three and five in the sec forth from the bottom they'll be it kansas state saturday at two in the sec big 12 challege george tickets the road night to face florida state at seven the jackets lost to erode a fall back to three and three in the acc and offs of one four their last six they'll host romped to tonight at seven thirty and i'm jay black on the home of the dogs wsb 455 now thirty six degrees weather traffic updates about a minute away the race for lieutenant governor george is anything but settled a rerun of a cold shouldered crazy wide open shows only about one a third of voters have made up their mind twothirds of them have even heard both of the candidates on the ballot dean says republican state senator david schaper leads the field ten said he's the leading fundraiser democrats were not polled all this was cracking me up yesterday on the way home eric erickson shirley after 500 pm he discovered the reason it took so long to get the all clear after the phony missile launch tweets and text went out in hawaii the hawaiian governor couldn't remember the password to his twitter account in order to tweet out that it wasn't true that the ballistic missile to eat at this is just okay you know i i ridicule conspiracy theorists a lot but i still don't think it's gotten a lot of attention that the same thing that happened in japan if good roof faith eggs eric air carriage league radio park here when you get to work of this one if you catch eric in the traffic team on the way home getting weather and traffic update for the.

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