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Sacrifice and reflection by encouraging people to cast off what he called the dictatorship of heavy agendas and superficial needs lent marks the period that can include fasting prayer and works of charity in preparation for Easter, which this year takes place on April 9th during the service, ashes were sprinkled on France's bowed head while acquire sang hymns. Now to money news, which we always have at 25 and 55 brought to you by pen fed credit union. Rate rates for everyone, here's Brennan hazelton. Hillary stalks are mixed at this hour, the Dow is down 107 points NASDAQ up 9. S&P down ten. At their most recent meeting, Federal Reserve officials indicated there are signs inflation is coming down, but not enough to counter the need for more interest rate hikes. That's the takeaway from meeting minutes released today, and it appears most fed policymakers favor slowing the pace of the fed's rate increases to a quarter point. Bill Gates has acquired a minority stake in Heineken holding the controlling shareholder of the world's second largest brewer. The price tag, about $902 million. Bloomberg reports Gates bought shares individually and through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, no comment yet from the foundation or Heineken, but cheers, Brendan Hazleton, WTO P news. Stay with us here on WTO P and new federal lawsuit accuses D.C. police of violating the constitutional rights of protesters. We'll have that coming up. Two 56. Three people

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