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Troops are massing down on Jackson. Street call off the strike at once. Or they'll arrest US long. Deb's goes to the window to see the troops for himself. He sits in silence. Mulling OVER HIS OPTIONS. Then he settled on it. No we will stand our ground. You suggesting we defy the law proclaiming the only crime the American Railway Union is guilty of is showing sympathy to the polling employees. We were arrested for that. Our nation has lost at very soul. Tell our people to keep the peace but hold their ground president grover. Cleveland always considered himself on the side of Labour on June. Twenty eighth eighteen ninety four two days into the American Railway Union strike. He made Labor Day an official federal holiday. He had been swept into office by a coalition of Democrats members of the new populist party and Labour supporters past events like the homestead strike and Coal Creek War and further solidify Cleveland's base of support in the pro labor movement these violent clashes pitted American workers against their employers the wealthy magnets and industrialists pejoratively known as robber barons. One of these robber barons was George. Pullen founder of the PULLMAN car company PULLMAN had a near monopoly on the manufacture of railcars his mistreatment of his labor force in the company town of pullman. Chicago drew his company into the sites of Labor activists. American Railway Union President Eugene debs called the struggle with the pullman company a contest between the producing classes and the money power of the country but when the pullman strike began in the summer of eighteen ninety four President Cleveland did not come to the defense of Labor. He tried his best to stay out of IT TO CLEVELAND. The role of government was to act as an arbitrator. A neutral third party that settled disputes but didn't pick sides but the PULLMAN strike was getting wildly out of hand. It was the first ever national strike with all realize west of at a standstill president. Cleveland's Attorney General Richard. Only DESPISE STRIKES. In his opinion they were no different than insurgencies but for only the pullman strike which he called debs rebellion was also personal only had been the director of several railroads and he knew the industry. Well HE PRESSURED President Cleveland to act immediately to prevent the spread of lawlessness saying if the rights of the United States were vigorously asserted in Chicago. The origin of the demonstration. The result would be to make it a failure everywhere else and to prevent its spread over the entire country for only there was only one way to stamp out. Deb'S REBELLION BY But Cleveland was not willing to get involved so only hatched a plan. He claimed the strike had disrupted the US Postal Service making it. A federal issue only suggested that if the courts ruled the strike illegal it would put pressure on deb's to end it. The president in the meantime would be kept clean of the whole affair though. Aru's president Eugene. Debs denied only as assertion only strategy worked on President Cleveland. And though he didn't know it going along with his plan. Cleveland had sat himself on a collision course. With the American Rail Union and has Democratic Party Attorney General only won an injunction from the courts against the pullman boycott but Eugene debs ignored the injunction and continued the strike when small incidents of violence began breaking out. Only use the unrest as a pretext act. He cited a civil war statute intended for times of war which empowered the government to protect against domestic violence. Only use this obscure law the mail stoppage and DEB's defiance of the court order as fodder to press Cleveland to take executive action. The president finally agreed to end the boycott by using force. Cleveland SENT SIX THOUSAND TROOPS TO CHICAGO. Long with an army of deputies to make arrests saying if it takes the army and navy of the United States to deliver a postcard in Chicago. That card will be delivered. But dads warned of the tenuous nature of the situation telling a reporter. The first shots fired by the regular soldiers at the mob. Here will be the signal for a civil war. Bloodshed will follow and ninety percent of the people in the United States will be arrayed against the other ten percent and I would not care to be arrayed against the laboring people in the contest. Dams prediction came true at least in part on the evening of July fifth eighteen ninety four. The strike turned into a riot the presence of federal troops and cited a few groups of strikers to overturn and set fire to rail cars the next morning. United States. Deputy fired into a crowd of strikers killing innocent on our man from there. The simmering violence boiled over more fires. Were started the Chicago. Rail yards went up in flames. Ultimately federal troops led bannet charge against civilians though estimates vary somewhere between twelve and thirty were killed after the smoke cleared a are you. President Eugene. Debs was arrested. He would serve six months in prison. Only to emerge with even more radical views. He would continue the fight for Labor but not as head of the American Railway Union instead as a presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America when Cleveland Repeal the Sherman Silver Act. Many Democrats had felt betrayed when he use federal force against the pullman boycott he irrevocably damaged his credibility with his base in the winter midterms of eighteen ninety four. Cleveland's decisions cost him. Severely many disaffected Democrats stayed away from the polls and the others cast their votes for third party which had already made gains the eighteen ninety two election. The People's Party also known as the populist party primarily a party of farmers and laborers the far left platform of the People's Party was critical of big business. Pro Silver Call for government. Ownership of the railroads became the perfect home for Democrats angry with President Cleveland. As a result the eighteen ninety two midterm elections were the biggest political swing. In the nation's history. Cleveland had begun his second term with his fellow. Democrats in control of both houses but in the midterms Democrats lost over one hundred seats in the house and four seats in the Senate. Twenty four states failed to elect a single Democrat with another six electing only one each this embarrassing loss seated complete control of Congress to Republicans making it the first midterm in history that a president's Party boss both houses. What in the wake of this political bloodbath grover. Cleveland would not do himself any favors. His subsequent actions would further Alienate Party. Cost him the Democratic nomination and set the stage for the Republicans.

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