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What is the method of holding people accountable. At the end of the day when elected when it comes to elected officials although there are many other ways for things to happen the end of the day the buck walk has to stop with our with the voters ray especially with elected officials and yet there seems to be this constant stream of this vis behavior reward. Frankly in some cases were awarded. Yes I mean and I dark feeling it is really dark and I've been trying to keep people's names out of my mouth but when you have someone who is in a position of power to be consistently shown that they can say say whatever they want and there are no repercussions for that. It gives other people the idea that they can do the same well. A lot of folks talked about the civility ability question and we need to be more civil and I I personally take offense to that. I believe that what we need is a respect conversation. And yes where we can respect each other's ideas and also respect each other's persons and I think that is the thing respect each other's life choices or how they we're born or how they live. That comes down to it. We need to move from civility to respect. 'cause I think respect is what we're having here is the question we're having here. I'm glad that she will. He spoke up and told him that. His comment was unprofessional. And that he wouldn't have said this to a male reporter because it's true he wouldn't have said this to a male reporter he wouldn't have said this to a male colleague. He might have said it to another woman woman reporter and nobody would have said anything but the fact that she now knows that she has a voice that she can use and she has an outlet for that and I know it took a lot of courage and a lot of strength drinks to do that. So I know that there's one thing you know we always try to look at like Solutions and ways to make things better on this podcast. There's one thing that I know that you did last year kind of looking behind the curtain. That made a really big impact for you. Can you talk a little bit about that. So I went to this class. This verbal self defense class that was hosted by Laura Calill and she taught a group of women the ways that we can stop ourselves in a situation when something happens or someone says something really must up to you you get this fighter flight and oftentimes urine such shock that somebody just said something vile or something racist or something incredibly gross to you you and you're like what and it gets you out of your head and you can practice this and you can be like no but what did you mean by that and you call them out on it and it gives you the opportunity to take that control back and I think that every woman should take this class and I think it was incredibly helpful for me and it gave me a lot of of opportunity to help other women because I've also taught other women had to do the same thing. So if you're interested in learning more about verbal self defense and all all of that stuff you can find Laura at force of bad assery DOT COM. And we'll put a link to her website in the show notes and Allison Donahue. I just want to say thank you for being one hundred percent. That reporter plans to open a nine screen first first run movie theater restaurant and bar. In Detroit's midtown neighborhood are now dead and the culprit is Detroit's Bugaboo Parking crain's Detroit business reports at at the Austin Texas based chain Alamo Draft House pulled. Its plans to open a thirteen million dollar theater after the developer was unable to guarantee the three hundred parking parking spots. Alamos said it needed for the project. Alamos planning to open a theater on a parcel located near the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Woodward Avenue that there's only the Detroit water and Sewage Department. It was originally supposed to open this year. The site is well served by transit including a queue line station around the corner on Woodward. But let's be honest Detroit and metro-detroit remained solidly car dependent city and region critics including the group detroiters for parking reform. Whom whom we featured on this very podcast say? The city's vitality is being hurt by the presence of too many parking. Lots the news also means that Detroit will continue to be served by by just one first run movie theater. That's the Bel Air Luxury Cinema Multiplex on eight mile road so jair. I mean the sucks. I'm sorry that today's show is kind of a bummer. So here's the thing. I know that there's actually been very creative ways to implement Alamo theaters leaders in other places like parking on the roof Like working into buildings and stuff. It's Kinda crazy to me that this thing's done over three hundred parking spaces. I know that parking A. There's a lot of legal requirements for parking in the city code right now that I don't think people realize that they force parking. Another thing is is that there are parking lots nearby. But they're all mostly controlled by one guy and they sit empty. A ton of the time is is that one guy does he have a the big pizza and district. Yes that's in Detroit yes but regardless. This is the kind of thing that like in contrast me crazy. That downtown Detroit doesn't have a first run movie theater. You would think there'd be somewhere to catch that in town. Yeah I mean we did we. I used to. Oh yeah the Red San Lorenzo Fan. We had those four little screens. It would have been really great to be able to go downtown and to catch a really cool movie and beating Slip Dinner. People Forget. Detroit has a long history of movie houses and movie Patois so many of the the quote unquote ruins at some of which we've lost. They were movie palaces. Not Lake Fine Art theaters. You know what have been really great. What if and this is a big if because we already know what's going to happen to this? What what if? They renovated the United Artists Theater. Into what theater. Why instead of a parking lot I will? I'll say this though. I think we both need to take a moment and shout out a very cool little place. It is not that downtown. Detroit is a complete movie desert. Know The folks At Cinema Detroit do a wonderful job on the more independent outside. Run kind of style that and it is worth going and they work really the hard over there to find a really good films. I really do love Cinema Detroit. I think they do an amazing job and also want to highlight the Detroit film theatre that is always a a good one. It is always a good one at the. Va Right really pretty. It is really pretty. But it's a bummer. I mean I think it could have been good for all of the theaters right so you could do a first run. You could check out something more indie. You could start. Because that's the thing I think people don't realize so often in Detroit. It's what we must have one thing thing and only one thing no. We need multiple things. There needs to be like a network a neighborhood. A Bar does better when there's other places around it to go to that. Make it interesting twisting businesses. Do better together. And that's crazy thought that I don't think that we've understood around here for a long time. No because people expect to get in their car go to a parking space. Go to where they're going get back in their car. Go to another place. They don't think Oh. Well I can park one place. Take the people mover down and we don't offer it enough places either. We really don't and I know that the queue line is like a joke most of the time because let's face it. It is having a district works for tourism. It does work it. Does it works for the tourist who has no idea what they're here from wherever and they know that it will reliably go to a stop. That's near their map. And that is the one good thing. Now it's GonNa take them a lot longer than the bus or something they really will. It's kind of like Disney's least best ride. I kind of feel the same way that I felt about H. M. When H. and M. opened downtown where we were like. Oh we're actually a real city I felt that when we heard that Alamo draft house is coming to Detroit. I was super excited and stoked. I mean somebody. We've both lived in other cities. This kind of stuff is. There's so much stuff in Detroit that just is in other places. Yeah and we're always fighting for like we really need to get to the position of like this is just what we we have what we visit and it just works. I would love to be there. It's been a long time it's depressing. Hey if you can't you can't laugh you'll cry.

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