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The herb chambers jaguar and land rover sudbury pregame show here no red sox broadcast booth from fenway park i'm mike mutnansky red sox and angels was going right descript wednesday here from fenway socks out to a big six nothing lead home runs from jd martinez eduardo nunez and sandy leona but the angels clawing their way back against rick poor selo and joe kelley six on answered runs to tie the game at six in fact still a tie game with two out and a runner on first base in the seventh inning raphael beverage at the plate coming up big and it's are super cut of the game deborah's hammers at the center fail this balls heading back to the wall it is off the wall and bounces away from her rounding third on his way to play he will score the ball is the red sox waited seven to six brought to you by super cuts official hair salon other boston red sox and official partner a major league baseball socks adding another run thanks to a sandy leone rbi later in the inning one more in the night on a wild pitch craig kimbrel on i twenty third save of the season nine six red sox your final brian johnson on the hill red sox at the sweep this series and sweep these six game season set with the angels johnson starting in place of the injured steven wright twentysevenyearold one two this year with a four five era this'll marcus his second start of the season after spending most of the year in the pan that loan lonestar way back on april second against the marlins six innings he largest one run in the victory old hymie berea gets the call for the angels the youngster one of the better prospects in the halos organization comes in five and three with a three point four era he allowed us to run over five innings in a notice that against the blue jays over the weekend he's done well against lefties this year the hitting just two thirty seven against him with an old ps of just six twenty five red sox open play tonight and a half came up with the yankees in the division they are now fifty four and twenty seven at the halfway point of the two thousand eighteen season the angels forty one and forty red sox lineup for this final game of the series mookie betts leading off in right field andrew benintendi is in lap jd martinez the d h mitch moreland playing first base he'll back cleanup zander bogart's is it short brock colts at second rafael devers batting seventh till play third base christian vasquez does the catching jackie bradley jr is in centerfield he will night it'll be brian johnson on the mound ahead here on the herb chambers jaguar and land rover sudbury pregame show our trip round the major leagues on this thursday in major league baseball tim down red sox manager alex scores part of the managers report and of course we get your set for red sox and angels here from fenway park joe in tampa the lineups and the first pitch after seven o'clock but coming up our clubhouse insider john tomasi w e dot com the latest on the red sox injuries as they get set to take on the yankees in a huge weekend series in the bronx that's ahead on the herb.

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