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Now the big focus today here in the UK is the change in the holiday regulations. Portugal No longer on the green list is on the amble ist Absolute chaos for a number of holiday makers and a lot of big travel firms tearing their hair out as well, saying the holiday season is basically well, a busted flush Also cause today we're waiting at that big jobs, data payroll, nonfarm payrolls out of the U. S. Will it confirm a sense that hiring is really back in season Or will it be a bit of a disappointment like last month was Let me bring you up to speed with what's going on with the markets this morning and Asian stocks actually a bit mixed this morning. The topics is pretty flat. The Nikkei is down half of 1% Hang saying absolutely flat SC 300 up 4/10 of 1% and the Shanghai Comp is flats. It really hard to perceive much of a direction there, and if we look what's going on? In Europe European features right now in the red stocks 50 futures down around the 10th 1% German futures actually flat and futures absolutely flat in the U. S. S and P 500 Dow and NASDAQ, Not really moving anywhere right now. In the bond space. U S 10 Year Benchmark Treasurys on 1.6 to handle this morning. The dollar strengthening a little around the 10th of 1% on the Bloomberg dollar spot Index and the pound weakening around 10 to 1% on cable 1.4095 this morning. An oil after a week of gains, losing a little bit now wt down 1/10 of 1% $68.71 a barrel print down 2/10 of 1% $71.18 a barrel a quick look there at what's happening on the markets this morning, but let's bring ourselves up to speed. Let's bring in Eric Lamb from our cross asset team in Asia, Eric. Very good morning to you. Thanks for being with us now. One thing I didn't mention there, of course, was Bitcoin hovering in the mid $30,000 mark this morning. It all seems to be down to Elon Musk. So tell us more. Yeah, well, it's certainly a recurring theme. We've talked about this multiple times over the last month. Is you animal you want? Musk is at it again with a twitter accounts. Um, seeing the prices down about $1000 at the moment to 37,600 or so he tweeted this morning kind of a cryptic greet, um, posted a hashtag Bitcoin but then with a broken heart emoji And then a meme image, making a reference to a song lyrics from Lincoln Park. Um, and it all kind of concludes, there seems to be the conclusion is that maybe hinting at a possible break up with the Cryptocurrency and the price is moving accordingly. Now to be fair, the price is not moving as much as it has in the past. But it is down today. So again, it seems the same old story over the last month is Elon Musk tweets in the market reacts? Yeah, embarrassingly in Shanghai age actually had to Google Lincoln Park and work out what it was all about. But anyway, most people I'm sure be a lot more okay with it. But Eric, what about to investors holding their breath waiting for the payrolls? Data in the U. S. Has that playing up? Yeah, As you mentioned the markets and the agents, they are really looking very steady. I think investors overall are not wanting to make too many big bets either way ahead of what's going to be yet another really significant. U S data point here. We've got that ongoing debate over The potential for higher inflation and also potential moves from the central bank in the Fed, and this is yet another number. That's going to give us a better indicator of if we're going to have higher interest rates in store in the coming months, or at least the potential for Titan. They're tightening in monetary policy. So really, I think investors are just kind of holding their breath as you say, and waiting to see what happens. Especially also the fact that this is coming to the end of the week for trading in Asia as well. We're not going to know the numbers until after the close in Asia. So, uh, setting up for an interesting trading on Friday in New York, Sure. Certainly sounds like Eric. Thank you so much. Eric Lander joining us real time. Market commentary and analysis. Check out markets live M l I V on your terminal. Right? Let's go to some of our top stories. We start here in the UK news that the green travel list is being slimmed down rather than expanded has prompted a very angry reaction from travel firms and passengers. Speaking yesterday, the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urge people to have a bit of patience. I appreciate this is a difficult decision. I understand that we are all desperate to see the world returned to normal that can only happen through the domestic unlock. First we all looked towards the 21st of June to see what can be done and the data and we simply don't want to put that at risk. It's another blow to the airline industry, which is crying out for reopening of European travel to E says it will do untold damage damage to consumer confidence customer confidence while if Heathrow Airport says It all but guarantees another lost summer for the sector. EasyJet's chief executive says the move cuts the UK off from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, data from Public Health England released on Thursday evening. Show that the Delta variant, which is the one first detected in India is now dominant in the UK it now accounts for 75% of all infections here. The data also indicated that the variant was significantly more likely. Cause serious illness than the Alpha variant, which has been the dominant one across the UK since its detection in Kent in A new survey shows companies hire permanent staff at the fastest pace for 23 years in May. The Financial Times is reporting an easing of covid 19 restrictions and hope reopening of more sectors.

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