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In false profits and lunatic theories. We have a job to do. And we need every able bodied American. The greatest thing that you can do. Is to get involved. Politically. And I don't mean Becoming a senator or running for the house. Mean locally. It's how they want. It's how they stole the election. The infiltrated and locked down local centers of power. Look at the money. The very saurus foundations flooded into the secretary of state. Races across this nation, the office that runs the elections. Look out. The fact that $300 million Was Invested by Mark Zuckerberg. 90 doing things federally, not into stupid television ads or Micro targeted Facebook posts. The android Zucker Burg is smarter than that. He spent it on want Local governments. He gave it to the Democrat officials. In Philadelphia in Baltimore. To quote unquote train the election workers. You know what that means, don't you? What did we do? We didn't even notice. What did the GOP When it runs McDaniel do nothing. Zip. Kwan's swan solely nada. We couldn't take it back, but not by violence. If we have to, We will. But we're not there yet. This isn't 17 76 yet. By.

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