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Birthday out your house down here matches last week. I'm going to get to your last. Take member know what's up max. Hey matches get to terrence in wisconsin. Go thanks for the time. Look really quick. I wanna talk about the lakers. Last game. I just watched. If jordan was that game and pippen was out. It would be a lot closer. Look like the broncos have anymore. I don't know. I don't know no player. Who's ever played. The number of minutes in the nba has ever been nearly as good as lebron is right now. But he's a million years old. Stephen south dakota. You're on the max kellerman show. Don't blame la for the. Hey from ron. Lame lebron fans when he came to la all talking about how the brownies only the greatest of all time never be. Oh all the fans even the media was at you can say you could argue. Lebron is the greatest. You could argue. Lebron is the greatest player to ever play for the lakers. Because you could argue outside of jordan's greatest player ever hear. Kareem may also played for the lakers. But i don't i mean i. I don't think most people have lebron on the laker. Mount rushmore let alone as the all time. Greatest laker fans kobe. Kareem and jerry west probably as a player and an executive not to mention guys like shack. Lebron's not on the mount rushmore of lakers. Laker great you wanna championship in his second year with the team. Why jian kentucky. You're on the max would acquit when max I think charles barkley got it wrong. I kind of him Three dave is I think that's a column humpty dumpty any fell out the wall and you can't put them back together again. Curtis in oklahoma. You're on the max calorie show. Do you have the nets in game. Five or six and then out of all the x. Factors la k. d. curry. You know the main stars who will be the x factor series. James harden is going to control the series. And i think i don't know if the nets had enough time to get the defense together to take them out and five or six games. It could go six or seven. But i believe the nets beat the bucks. I think they have too much firepower. And the bucks greatest. Chance is if the nets. Don't get the defense together in time. But i saw them in. The regular season took two or three weeks and their defense. Good enough and the postseason. You have more rest between games. It's been five games plus the rest between series. It's good with practice. And everything and guys healthy altogether for the first time. It's going to be like almost two weeks ish. Someone that might be just enough time for them to take out the bucks and five or six games crews in portland. You're on the max keller show. Espn radio big band first. Time caller I just want to ask you about damian. lillard Huge portland fan. And i don't think he's going anywhere regardless of what happens but your thoughts on if we don't make it he's going anywhere dame's not going anywhere dame is going to stick it out and he may cost him. A championship looked being the pacific. Northwest being portland you need. Gm who's not just good shape. Good you need a great gm because you need to draft guys who develop into stars and you need to have enough draft kind of to make moves where you can trade for stars who may not resign with your team. So you have overpay for them. Damian lillard and cj mccollum or an excellent start. The hope was that nurkic could develop into more that he's book then he's become and so i think portland's going to have to make a move that brings in a third player who's also excellent in order to really compete for a title. But i don't think dame going anywhere mitch and new jersey. You're on the max kellerman show. Espn radio and First of all. I think lebron second-best you will but i don. I dislike proceeding. Choose the clippers clippers. They lose. they're gonna be the biggest laughing stock of home field advantage and he's super stars. Pope scored more than forty well. Well i mean. I can't say that the the clippers wants to biggest laughingstock ever but there is something hilarious about the clippers to lakers fans because even when the windows cracked open for you. Look the league. Under the chris paul treat not only did they did they. Maybe a legally stop him from going to the lakers back. When but then. They sent to the clippers clippers. Trae go through. And they had lob city and kobe was at the end and the lakers were capped out and they couldn't get anyone to take their money and they were the worst team in the league and the clippers were high flying and they couldn't get out of the second round. The window was open then. They signed paul. George and the whole thing and the lakers wracked with injuries. Now and it's the clippers time they can really and they're going to blow it again. There's something about the clippers that lakers fans really take pleasure in their misery because it seems like the only ever get to be.

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