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Has nothing to do with actual human communication right it's very true it's if that really a lonely profession or anything but it's why are you not a whole lot of communication even though that issue job january mireles of you who do you see yourselves a telephone operator for the rest of your life no no no no never never i did not become a career telephone operator my name is sharon gregan's back in nineteen seventy two i was a telephone operator instead circles working you i really remember working there very vividly and i don't know maybe that job helped me develop a keener ear four uh what people need in what people want i think i became a really good listener but let's get real i don't think there's much room in the work of a telephone operator i think about some poor person at the end of that line who's sitting in a cubicle somewhere saying the same things taking down the same numbers for eight hours a day you know automation is great in today's world but it's hard to automate everybody's wishes and once i mean we've all had those situations where all you want to do is talk to somebody and all you have is a list of menu options i still tell my kids just always zero if you're a machine that replace you when these i'll share share have to be some machine now because the people knew how finally they talked how how badly they pronunciation how hard it is to understand of people a machine him a hard time telephone switchboard operator sharon greg ans be by stead struggle if you pick up a copy of the book sharon appears under the pseudonym heather lam she's now the director of communications at the seattle public library foundation studs didn't just ask people to describe with living he asked them how they felt about with boring monotonous work i don't give way but he says it was boring a monotonous to work on an assembly line that's gary brynner he was twenty nine months debts interviewed him an auto factory in ohio i am somewhere between youngstownwarren ohio send us trivia stephen automobiles talk in a gary brian her k brian or as.

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