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Sean Rothman with you right here on Caja. We're talking about free speech, which by the way is what gay GIO is all about. That's why we have a diversity of opinion. And I wanna tell you a quick story. George Lincoln Rockwell was the head of the American Nazi party and on nineteen sixties. He came to UC Berkeley. And there was a question. Should he be able to speak, and I was relatively young. But I was participating in the discussion. And I said look when he comes in don't applaud. Don't do anything except to things laugh long and loud and turn your back on him. And I still believe that was the answer. He was able to speak, and we were able to respond. Let's go to Jeff calling from Napa. Jeff welcome to cagey. I would say actually agree with you about Trump. I think is approach to dealing with with Saturday Night Live at childish. I think that he his the way he is trying to deal with offensive speech. Antifa. In those on the west to deal with the -fensive speech. And that's what the second man what the first amendment. Speech speech that needs to be the most protected is offensive speech. You don't need to protect friendly speech, easy for an active, protect offensive speech. And specifically Berkeley. If there is if there has threats of violence against a person that is there to speak peacefully. Cancel the cancel the event is capitulating to those that are not tolerate of the first amendment. The thing to do is to. Eighteen. Is forces in order to protect civilized speech mobilized forces you have enough lease out there, and you're call from other areas if you need to because if you don't all you you're doing a starting a very dangerous precedent that will eventually be answered in kind. Look, I wanna tell you. I agree with you. I think I believe in freedom of speech, even when I disagree with someone. I think it's very very important to consider that and you've raised something, and we're going to talk about it in the coming. Our appreciate your call. I want you to know that Donald Trump is asking for the Federal Communications Commission to look into Saturday night lives portrayal of Donald Trump. I want to know what you think about freedom of speech on television. Do you believe that the president is right that there? Well, there must be collusion with the Democrats. And of course, Russia such one sided media coverage. Most of it fake news four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten what do you think the president calls for an investigation of Saturday Night Live on John Rothman, right here on K, GO dot Rothman on cake..

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