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Keep writing in with the fun facts. Let's end the show this way with formula the one we just had, we just had the Mexico City Grand Prix is a fine race Max Verstappen one, and Louis Hamilton got second, but the guy I want to talk about first in this segment is focusing on Sergio Pérez who got third. This weekend was such a fun opportunity to celebrate Sergio Pérez racing in his home race. Mexico City, his home, as other promotions, it's fun. I've never seen a race or so prominently at the forefront of a race, like something like welcome to my I love that. That's fantastic. It's amazing. He's the first ever Mexican driver to get on the podium in Mexico. That's monumental for the oppressor. That stuff you dream about is a kid. Is there a kid? Dreamer, like, I wanna race in Formula One and get a podium in Mexico. That's amazing for him. Well done Sergio Pérez's fantastic, especially, you gotta remember Sergio press was almost out of Formula One last year. His team replaced him with Aston Martin, change the name of their team and they replaced mister Ashton battle. Sergio Pérez almost was not even in Formula One this year. Now he's number four in the F one standings. He's just got another podium and his team Red Bull is right at the top of everyone that's fantastic. How cool is it, by the way to see Sergio driving in Mexico and actually be with a good team who had a shot, like a real shot to win the race. I mean, unlike force India slash racing point in prior years, it's just cool to see Sergio Pérez on a good team competing in his home race. Oh man, what a cool opportunity to celebrate Sarah Gil Perez, this past weekend. Now turn one of this race was wild because first of all, drama during qualifying Yuki suno to slow down Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez. So what ended up happening was Max Verstappen started the race in third for this one. And actually in a way really helped him because it gave him a slipstream behind vajra botos. He was able to shoot forward and then Botox was not very aggressive, breaking during tournament. He.

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