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That's good business to be in our do that european it sounds good year the global broadband market white worth about one trillion dollars a year excuse me that's more that is a little bit let me just do the on that a billion is loons and trillion incur the six it's a ton lower long i got for sure we are giving an order of magnitude the best thing without the thing no one's ever going to hear what you just sad that that's a ton that starts with an f yeah yeah and and it's within tanya i mean it's a law it's an order of magnitude more there's so many wary orders of that we could have gone with evidence actually you handle the not on gentlemen near welcomed so this is like something that's going to put speight you know how much will spacex be worth at that point one hundred and seventy two dollars 94 four it's going to be so valuable can you imagine if they pull this off and that i've got fast broadband network road across the world and i can get from melbourne sydney australia laos of portugal and i've just got my voice in un apple more countries uh the scotland i go anywhere uh i'm just pine tests are hundred bucks a month royce outta world both of access how quickly will i say to eighteen take but by yeah i don't i don't know how quickly fuss and there are very funny this is pretty impressive they talked about where's the new bfr factory going to be so she spells it out louisiana and we talked about the nasa site that was in louisiana i forget the name of it just now but they want to keep it near the water because they said it's too expensive to move big things from the hawthorn factory to the harbour quote we price transport to the harbor and it came out to two and a half million dollars per trip.

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