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Not looking convinced but one day never a some psychic told me that i was going to be married by may twenty eighteen or something to find the right one. Yeah find the right one all about the right one. Yeah just like finding the right guy for you. You gotta find the right psychic right. I've never. I've never even done a reading for myself. But i really feel connected after the phoebe. We'll talk to her later. I'm not a skeptic. I do not believe in psychics whatsoever but we have the long island medium. Come on the secret show. That was weird. She blew me away. She's not a psychic she's gonna is. She talks to spirit either. I mean really either. But i just like we used to tell that story quick. That is bizarre really quickly. I i was filling in as engineer that day and we had the long island medium on the show and she. She didn't know. I was going to be there. And she came down and she was like talking to society and ryan and everyone in the room and she's like has someone here has had a has had a death of someone close to them through a drowning and one of my good friends drowned back in two thousand thirteen and i was. I'm not. I'm not gonna say anything. I'm just the engineer. I'm not supposed to say anything quite and she just kept saying like is anyone here and then she just looks at me. She's like you it's you. Yes and then she. She told me all about my friend rain. She had like ellis information that was really mind-blowing of specific information about him and weird. He was very weird. It's a it's on youtube to watch it but it was a really weird moment sells like i came out of it going either real or she has like a research team. That's better than the cia. And that's still impressive and no. I think it's interesting and i do think it takes. Like one instance for you to maybe. Not be a skeptic anymore you know like it could be just a specific like you said it was so random that you happen to be there and that she was there that day and that that's what she brought up so i think it just takes a certain moment for you to be like. Oh he wasn't your moment today All right well. We'll be back next week with our regular episode a. n. a new episode of grey's a new episode of grey's and a mini episode. It's an embarrassment versus embarrassment of riches. Inside when you have like a plethora of goodness is another thing. There's this thing. Yeah yeah it's an embarrassment of riches because you just have to many. Yeah so embarrassing. Yeah yeah all right on that note we love you all. Oh in goodbye. Oh i'm sorry. I hate to jump in before we go but also next week she's back. She's back camilla letting ten as she confirmed. She's.

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