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I think you need to know number one three TBD officers resign after an April incident where a Hispanic middle school Hispanic man died the medical examiner says he died of a heart attack the some cocaine in the system yet these officers resigned A. T. P. O. away has come out and said that there was nothing wrong to choke holds they noted they did nothing wrong but apparently these these they resigned and there's a video to be released today showing what happened and well Regina Romero is is all about making national attention to get users to the from the police and the city councilwoman lane Santa Cruz came out and said that the police basically killed this guy we lost a member of the community at the hands of the police I just inflammatory wrong false you name it awful second thing I think you would need to know I restore my Facebook page about about a Facebook dot com slash garrulous radio like and follow one black officer in two white officers just so you know second thing I think you need to know world view enterprises temporarily closed right now don't know when they're gonna open back up they're supposed a former employees member that we paid fifteen million dollars in Pima county to build them a launch pad everything else well there's a story came out that it looks like the people that are in charge of it have started new enterprise in Florida and they're gonna leave and and what's going to happen here nobody knows we'll talk to Tim Sandefur Goldwater said about that is seven oh five fifteen million dollars down the drain third thing I think you would need to know bubble also NASCAR said I saw no use the only full time African American for them black NASCAR driver I saw the news in my garage FBI domestication said was actually garage door and it's been there since at least October no no no I saw the news I know what the news is a news every one of the storage facilities again where you put like you're just gonna put though the that that the metal wall you push it up and then to put down there's like a little rope that a poll that's what it is and bubble assault as a noose sick three things I think you need to know I'm put a video on my page by the way can S. T. dot com this is brilliant absolutely brilliant apparently yesterday Andrea Mitchell of NBC news MSNBC what is going to do a live report with a democratic Congress woman named Eleanor Holmes Norton democratic congressman and they were standing out in the streets of Washington DC in the middle of what the crazies tried to call the black house autonomous zone the black house autonomous zone Baz Baz bars bars right and as they were getting ready to do their their little TV had some trans gender freak it was a dude with long hair wearing nothing but a bra and panties and thanks something bomb rushed Andrea Mitchell and this congresswoman trying to it is not a transgender freaked again running around the streets of Washington DC in a brown panties I know it's not every transgender person anyway they goes and does it tries to take them out security stepped in the way kind of diverted this freaking nature police de escalated and I guess they let him walk away in his Victoria's secret underwear whatever but right after this frequent charging a big do do big dude we're totally taking them out right after that happened listen to what Eleanor Holmes Norton the democratic congresswoman had to say listen did you hear that where's the police when you need them where's the police when you need them her party is trying to define the police now I need to but we had I tell you what these police are bad they're terrible they're killers they're this they're that they're racist we got a problem here and there's a where's the police when you need now you wanna okay now you want him where is the police when you need him you know they all come running back right they all come running back more for yet I saw this story Breitbart had this is incredible this is a dumb these people all right this is how stupid they are these and rush brought this up yesterday who are these people these these free trade the ones that are toppled down statues in nobody's there nobody's if they're they're crazy have you met one person yeah there that is like you know I'm kind of glad you're doing this I remember this word trump needs to step up you know it was great when trump came down the escalator over five years ago and said we need a wall right the dude got elected for a long order we need a wall great wouldn't it be great if trump said alright executive order throw in prison he needs to kick bill barring the but these people that are destroying the statues need to go to prison this is not how you do things if you we do things by lawn or receive like we're supposed to be a civilized society you're probably the statue go get a petition see if you can remove it legally you don't go knock it down it's not your property this is becoming normalized behavior by the governor Cuomo called a healthy expression when you take down statues yet governor flipping Cuomo actually said that the healthy form of expression the guy that does you know killed Italy basically has the the blood of all people on his hands from dying from things were complications with the Chinese virus that's without freaking nature said Andrew Cuomo so anyway yeah tearing down monuments to help the expression you said.

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