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Keep going up into 2021. See Romero common use 6 34, and we have a check on traffic now from Tama were still watching a crash in Bellevue on Norrie found 405 at Northeast eight Street. It's blocking both toll lanes and to love general purpose lanes. You'll have to stay to the far right. The two lanes. There are the on ly Blaine's open to traffic. That's causing a pretty solid backup from I 90 of a stall in mount like terrorists on North found five that's blocking the highway. 104 ramp to North found five rather and that's got the ramp backed up his well in Can't shoulder is blocked on the rebound Highway 1 67 just before can't avoid bro. This is due to an earlier Carter fire. State Patrol has that vehicle over on the right shoulder. That's causing a slowdown from 277th Street, and it's still very heavy issue had through Lakewood on South found five between 74th Street. And ambulance main gate that's gonna add about 30 minutes to your tribe. This report is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples helped your business go big with everything. You need an amazing prices from office essentials like paper and ink to help essentials like masks and hand sanitizer. Save big head staples are next couple traffic. It's 6 44 all rights, talk about the weekend weather and hear from the Coma Weather Center after daily with some gusty conditions earlier today, in general, these wind speeds are Coming down tonight and we're gearing up for tranquil weather overall.

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