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It's really. Moment that where you know all of a sudden you you just you. Just fall. Just fall it. Can you do is joy? You can die at this moment. Doesn't you won't make different? You won't make a difference, so that was special. Such such wonderful memories. You best friend, you know you cry and hug you best friend. You know that that's what Davis Cup gave us. That was ten. Hug, my dad. I cried of happiness and cried for happiness, hugging my best friend because. You know, we won the Davis Cup together so that's something that. that. We have a forget of course. The wonderful wonderful stories. Thank you so much for your time. It's been worth. Davis will welcome in really was great to talk to you and. After, all these years, that's a long time. I've probably heard one or two of these stories over the years when we were traveling on. Always wanted to do this and and it's just lovely. Thank you so much. My pleasure David. Yannick Noah mortar man, what a guy! He is I just love talking to him and. I hope you've enjoyed listening to that as much as I did because he's the best interview around and and it's just the thrill really to had him as guest here on the tennis podcast. If you've enjoyed it, do tell you friends. You'll family your social media groups. She. What's that groups? Our linked to share this interview is in the show notes to this podcast and yeah. Thanks very much for your company as always we will love in producing the podcast and we'll be back with many more over the coming weeks. We're going to have a meeting this week to discuss. Our plans will have daily shows during the US Open fortnight, whether there is a tournament or not, where we know it still up in the air. At the moment, there is still hope that will be live tennis from the US Open. If not, it'll be US Open relived all away. And then the French Open as well. We look like we're going to have that, so we'll have loads of shows for you. Thanks for listening to this one and we'll see you next..

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