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Next week's episode is on ghosting. Get it, Halloween, and we want to hear from you. If you have a story of a time that you were ghosted, record a 32nd voice memo on your phone and email us at hysteria at crooked dot com. And then tune in next week because you might hear your story on the show. Okay, house has been kept. Let's talk about what we're feeling petty about this week. I'm going to go first because I feel like this is maybe a little overdue. I was feeling petty about this last week, and then I just didn't bring it up because I forgot because my brain's broken. But we can have a go, pictures of Timothée Chalamet started circulating and young Timothy is dressed as looks like a sexual ebenezer Scrooge. That's a great way to put it. Sort of, and he is supposed to be playing a young Willy Wonka because apparently Hollywood is not out of ideas, but afraid of any idea that hasn't already existed. So they're doing a prequel of Willy Wonka and in the pre quill, Chalamet will be playing Willy Wonka. Here's what I feel petty about this week. Absolutely not. I think that he is a fabulous. He's a fabulous actor and everything I've seen him and he's been great in. And I'm sure that he will do well with this role, but he is not right for the role. Like ever since I read Willy Wonka, when I was a kid, what the vibe is in the book is Willy Wonka is sort of like a stunted weird childlike vaguely menacing character. Everything you said is Timothy Chalamet. He is not menacing. Those cheekbones that he went to Laguardia. There is nothing menacing. There's nothing menacing about his cheekbones. His cheekbones should be in a museum. He's got, though, Willy Wonka is a little bit scary in gene wild, they're almost got it right, but Gene Wilder is too much of a man to play Willy Wonka. And Johnny Depp went too creepy with Willy Wonka. I think the ideal Willy Wonka would be somebody like comedian patty Harrison, who is the perfect combination of fun, but are you dangerous? Is something like are you going to hurt me? Are you going to throw something? There's something that is unhinged about her style of comedy that I think would lend itself really well to being like an on screen Willy Wonka. I want somebody who feels like they're not quite all there. And Charlotte is.

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