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But when he gets the ball out as quickly as an Rogers, it's nothing you can really, I agree with you. Great. But I'm gonna say this, you were up seventeen points going into view. So you have I give you a touchdown to knock your quarterback down again because I'm trying to knock you out of the gang. That's what I'm gonna do. I can afford to give up a big play if that makes Rodman. Backout geysers con back in I, I'll give you the. They would have just given them fourteen. Let's play the rest of it era took the field with nine nine fourteen left in the third quarter because the bears got the ball started second-half drove long drive feel in that moment. They were down twenty to nothing. He knew he was going to touch the ball at best four more times you were going to have to score at least twenty one probably more field goal. Touchdown, touchdown touchdown. He touched the fifth time to take knees and game over in those drives. He was seventeen of twenty three for two hundred seventy yards. Three touchdowns no picks and picked everyone apart on a bum. Like that is make believe stuff and for him to do it. And by the moment, Alison came down with that touchdown. I think all of us watching were like this, this dude gonna do this right? Like my only concern was, would the defense get the stops and the deepens almost let up at the very end. But thanks unfortunate for the bears play calling at the end. They let them off the hook and now you're down six, you're down six Rogers has the ball if I didn't check the live odds like online betting, but I bet you down six with the ball. The Packers were the favorite in that game. That's only the case with him and Brady, it's every other quarterback in the league. There's significant underdogs. It is a pleasure to watch this guy. Absolutely. Fantastic game last night, Greg, stick around coming up on the other side. Why did the Steelers late egg against the Browns. Back here first things first time, per se. The Jags got the win over the giants, but at to overcome one hundred nineteen yards of penalties in the process. Jags coach, Doug maroon says that could be an issue in the future. Say. What we know that we can be better than that. And you know, at the end of the day, we were able to get the win. But you know, if you keep track that stuff will bite you in the ass for say, okay. Say it then ask permission shutout gone from the Bronx is coming out there to see how it is. I love Doug Marrone. I love that attitude with this team. Listen, it was a sloppy football game MetLife stadium, and he knows it. They got out of there with one. I mean the giants had opportunity after opportunity and blue all of them including, but not only the muff point at the end by Kaelin clay. But I mean, it was a sloppy football game with the Jags did just enough to get the win. Let's move on with Jennings here. Onset Brown's, hosting the Steelers yesterday, Brown's, looking for the first win in what felt like forever taken on a Steelers team without l. bell. No lady in Belen. This one this game closer than Steelers would have liked. It went to overtime tied at twenty one, and that's where this game stayed bells replacement. James Connor had one hundred ninety two total yards in two touchdowns quarterback Ben Rothlisberger had five turnovers head coach, Mike Tomlin spoke about the joys of a tie after the game. Knows an awkward feeling after game like that..

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