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Welcome back to the show killer with you wait non. Joey Logano who is one of those press Jenkins right now so they just hand the phone whom I would now. That's what usually works. We'll get joey on when we get him on a lines are able to sneak on in here in the third hour one, eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight play. I think it's fascinating. In the world of soccer that you could be big a soccer fan of the world and there's literally no way you could remember every team because is just too many and some of them are new on something changed their names, but there's just too many. And Autumn Hearts for my team watching now now and North Macedonia. to years ago, they changed the name of their country from Macedonia to North Macedonia, which is Kinda Weird. Like we have a West Virginia, but we don't have a south. Or. East or North Virginia sometimes, these things happen. It's like we have Sudan and I'll. Sudan. But the team is called skin. Yeah. and. The manager of Tottenham Hotspur Joe's Marino who's very accomplished about as accomplish as come with all the silverware he's one with. Inter and. With Round Madrid and. Chelsea menu all these teams Porto. he never said I never heard of him. Yeah. WHO HAS That's one of the things I love about it endlessly fascinating thing and then like you all use to do is just go on wikipedia and it's usually a team that's been around for like a hundred. Years. And in the first round of qualifying, they had to play at PLO thieves and if you know Bulgaria like I, do it's the third biggest city in Bulgaria after Zolia and Varna on the black, sea. Or Sophie, as we say, ZOFIA Lokomotiv Plovdiv kind of this digital team leftover. The Cold War a lot of those teams called sky, CSKA, those were Red Army teams. And you basically were in the army. But. You are also on the team. Like the Red Penguins, we talked about that with the. Will have that documentary. But. playing in the National Stadium and scooped yeah. The capital of north. Macedonia with a track and. It's just there's You know growing up as an American The only time we would get a team we never heard of. An expansion team? and. We've heard of the expansion teams. So there's there's never been a case in my life where my raiders my as warriors, sharks played a team and I said, I never heard of him. And they never played anybody outside of the United States? Unless you talk about the raiders having a preseason game in Winnipeg against the packers. And they just. They just didn't do that stuff I. Guess it Spring Training during the WBZ might have a game against the Japanese national team or the Israeli team. Something like that. was just kind of a kind of a fun little exhibition. So the the bloodlines that run deep and I mean deep and soccer. Going back a lot of times to the eighteen hundreds. Every country. Is Chock full of teams. Now, you might see like you know, north, Macedonia has their own league. Sodas you know even the Faroe Islands, which isn't even a country protectorate of Denmark but according. To feed their country like as I, like to mention the Olympics and in. The US it's Great Britain, but in soccer for different countries, Northern Ireland Scotland England and Wales. and. So each of these countries have their own leagues and Lower Leagues and Lower Leagues and Lower Leagues like I was looking I I've been to Luxembourg I've been to leashes Stein. Leash Stein the capital of vodkas literally drive the whole country not even. Notice it it's another sort of digital. Leftover from the days of fiefdoms and principalities and things like that. But. They have a first division, the second division third. It's it's amazing to me, and that's because it is the world game nothing comes close to it nothing as far as being the world game. there'll be places that you go anywhere in the world and they'll be sports where they get Outta basketball they know what's going on. Football and a baseball is a little bit different but you could go to any single country on the face of the earth. And roll out of soccer ball and everybody knows what's going on. And So, there's always a little bit of worry when my team who's in the Champions League final last year as playing a team like Skamania. In, sculpture North Macedonia for a giant killing because this is the biggest game in the history of that team. Just to play any English team. Probably for them to play a team from Sarah team from Lalita or the Bundesliga. It would most likely be the biggest. Game. In the history of that team, so you always have to be a little bit wary. About that type of situation. I remember when? After the. During the World Cup when I was working at the community center, we'll get back to that in a second because we only have a few minutes with Joey Logano who's been on the show many times over the years, and he's getting ready to race Sunday in the south point four hundred. On Las Vegas. Joey. Having another really good season currently. Fourth in the standings and Joey just to get this out of the way, there's a little bit of bad blood at Bristol is everything cool with all that or is that just kind of humdrum happens every other race? Or? Under racetrack with one goal in mind. So.

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