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Now, here's Murph in Back on KNBR 1045 and six Any sports leader Matty Naoko, Hopefully not attacked by any agave plants or whatever the heck cactuses. I don't know. Maddie is safe and sound, buddy. You good. I am good, basically healed up. Well, I guess it is a little bit more than what we could say about the team. My cover was going going on. I r. Wait two more guys going on. I r. Well, Ziggy on will go on. I r And they want Williams will go on. Yeah, To what I was going to say. Maybe we should have taken your cactus attack Your Gavi attack as a precursor of the Eagles D line what they're gonna do to the Niners cause man, so I mean, I know you were sort of put that game in the rear view mirror. But before we move ahead of the Miami game, just you know, a reflection on that is that Oh, The Trent Williams Mike McGlinchey performance. I mean, you know, it's it's game, it happened. Whatever Trent Williams. His record is as long as anybody's in the league for great play. But McGlinchey just kind of wondering, Is there any thought or analysis that he's not having a good year? Yeah, I think that's I think that's fair to say it looks like he's he's struggling in pass protection in on Sunday night, he struggled in very inopportune times on that last drive. I I don't I think he was doing okay for most of that game. And according to Profootballfocus, he still hasn't allowed a sack this season, while Trent Williams has allowed three. But there's no way he comes out of that came feeling good about his performance, and it was those back to back hits on the final drive with the 40 Niners were up against the clock and And it moved the ball down into striking range. So yeah, that that had to be a disappointment, I think is his blocking in the run game is good, but yeah, it's there's always going to be that that thought in everybody's mind that here was a guy they took with the number nine overall pick and you need More consistent. Better all around performances from him. I don't think 48 hours or necessarily panicked by this, you know, there's clearly no talk about shaking things up on the offensive line, because the best guys we're playing right now, But yeah, no, I think that everybody would expect himto play more consistently better consistently, and ah, I mean, that's that's one of their issues. I guess the good Good news for those guys. They're probably not could be going up against the defense of line quite like that from. I mean, you know Aaron Aaron Donald's coming down in a week or so, but that's not gonna be Mike McGlinchey's problem. Right. Aaron Doll is everybody's problem. Basically, he's a failure. You're right. That's a good point to the quarterback who will have to be worried about Aaron Donald next week, but this Sunday, so Maddy, I know nothing has been revealed. But you know you study Kyle and you study. Trends and the way these things roll. What's your? What's your veteran observation on Jimmy Garoppolo? I mean, I know he's limited in practice yesterday, and Kyle doesn't want to say anything, and I imagine Asking right now is a little premature because they got to go through a couple days of practice, but what you're feeling Yeah. I mean, this is speculative, but in my mind, Jimmy Garoppolo. You don't put him out for a walk through and potentially be taking reps away from a guy who could use ever The set of, you know every bit of preparation possible. So in other words, yesterday morning when they went out for their walkthrough, Jimmy Garoppolo was a quarterback, and it's just it is just that it if they walked through its you're walking through the plays you're seeing. Very slowly how the defense is going to play certain things, and then you can synthesize your view and the decisions you would make, so it's a very It's a walk. If it's literally that a lot to me, if if you didn't think that Jimmy Garoppolo had a chance to play You would. You wouldn't have him out there because Nick Mullins should could sure use that. Those wraps that experience or CJ Beth So my thought is that they're going to give every chance for Jimmy Garoppolo to go out there and play and he didn't make it through a limited practice yesterday. What? That in tails. I'm not completely sure. But will we'll check out how much he practices or if he's more full go today, And if he's full go it any point today or tomorrow. I would think he he would be Out there playing on Sunday and then the other part of that is okay. So let's say he doesn't play. Then who would be the starter? And I just think that even though I believe that That call. CNN thinks that C J about that might have more physical tools and might be able to do everything that he would want to do with his offense. Maybe even a higher level the neck Molins. I just don't know that he can pull off of Nick Mullen so quickly. But I would. I would also suspect that if morons runs into issues like he did Sunday night Kyle would make that change a heck of a lot quicker if we go to TJ bettered right, so, man. Oh, man. I mean, it's it's interesting. All three guys are on the table. You really are probably still watching practice. The next two weeks. I guess if you're talking about the good news is and I see you guys have a piece up on Deebo Samuel in 25 snaps last week. I saw that If Jimmy goes in, Rahim goes, actually, I should probably pause before everything is Any word or thought on, Rahim. Same same kind of question. Given what you know what? You know the knee are you? Would you be more if he on that wonder what probably because of You know, in the with most her, you know he's going to take hits. I mean, the goal for Garoppolo is to keep him upright and not taking any hits. And everything is is a little bit more structured and predictable for a quarterback. Um, where is for a running back? You know, you gotta make split second decisions that your knees and ankles have to be in tune with, so I would think that I would think that's probably a little bit more if he with with most hurt playing, But what it shocked me to see both of those guys out there on Sunday night, I would almost think you'd want them. At least to get out there a little bit. I don't know if you'd want to bring them back after three weeks off for actually in both their cases, 3.5 games off When it's the Rams coming to town, and now you're starting to get in that position where The game's started getting important..

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