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Elude trevor. Trevor going once going twice, maybe we've got some difficulty on that line. We're going to put Trevor back on hold. We'll try him again here in a moment. But let's go now to Tom in Hudson New Hampshire, Tom, you're on free talk Lavery there. Yeah. This afternoon. I called congresswoman Custer's office down in Washington DC to talk about the, you know, the partial government shutdown over the border wall. And I heard you know, they should dissolution of congress overriding, the president veto by developing a Bill passed the Senate and the house of the house of representatives, and then the Senate and then when the president because everybody on record which way they all in this thing and not only include any money for the border wall. They shouldn't include any money for the border patrol either. Because in a free country. Of course, you wonder on into the country if you want to not violate anybody's, right? My wandering into a country and looking for work from businesses that want to hire you and bring cocaine into the country. You don't have to buy any and neither do I. So. You know, that's what they need to do is pass a budget that should be allowed to if I want to right. Are you should be buying by some of the cocaine? Oh, that's the wrong word to it's not like the government is allowing. You know, people are, you know, should the government allow people to drink beer when they're eighteen and the eighteen year olds allow you to drink beer, you know, that. Third. The same questions, but. If the Democrats would do what you're asking them to do which is to say have a budget with no money for the border patrol. I mean that sounds like a great plan. Unfortunately, they are already proposing money for a while. I believe it was like one point five or one point six billion, right? Smelling to give like one and a half billion dollars. Trump. Watts five point six billion. Us one thing that I very funny is Trump said all right as a compromise with the Democrats, I'll make the wall out of still well, he's been talking about this seat through things for at least a year and a half. Was this a recent comment by him during last night? I think you've got a story about that address. And the fact. The fact checking things at CNN did which I realize some people are probably going to say it is big news. Well, we can get into it here in a moment. Thank you, Tom for the call tonight. I do appreciate it. And. Yeah, I mean, it would be great. If the opposition were actual opposition in there. Just like, well, we're all right with wall. But how about one point six billion the Democrats needed gross spine? I yeah. Like don't don't appreciate with terrorists. Like, if they just cave every time he shuts the government down, then he'll just do that. Like so far. They haven't caved. They were originally offering the one point six, right? So km on. Sorry. What? Even when they weren't the majority in the house. So like Trump keeps blaming the Democrats, right? When his party until a week ago had the majority in both houses of congress shutdown started before the Democrats took over. Yes. Shutdown during the Trump presidency, which I think is a badge of honor for him anyway with his party controlling congress. Well, there's a great old tweets where he was criticizing Obama for one of those government shutdown. Yeah. Yeah. There there's always a tweet like with somebody wrote a great summary of it. Like, they said, you know, I am enjoying this sci-fi thriller about a man in like two thousand thirteen sending desperate tweets to himself in the future where he's become president. Because for almost everything that. Everything that Trump does. That's like terrible. There's a tweet from a few years back where he's like say president. Yeah. Critiquing the same thing saying in Obama shouldn't do this or president shouldn't do that. And it's like he's just with with no self awareness whatsoever. Yeah. Is just doing everything that he criticized I saw something where a guy went through Trump's Twitter account and found conflicting tweets, and he found some company to make custom flipflops. Yes. And he had one product you put on your shoe? Yeah. Yeah. He he had one tweet on the right foot and the opposing tweet on the left foot and he sold out. Of course, all this. Trump stuff sells out Lakers somebody's making Trump dolls like voodoo dolls. I like I need to crochet some of those. They're they're called amateur Umi, and like little Japanese, and I've seen voodoo anything it's a style of Japanese crochet or you can make like little creatures and people and stuff, and and I've seen some Trump dolls, and I definitely should should make some of those. So we'll get into the Trump tweets. And of course, can take control of the airwaves here. Our toll free number not Trump tweets, but the because he had some kind of state of the whatever the stadium. No is just a prime time. He just had something to say words, he called the press conference. Words it's going to be in the Oval Office at nine o'clock everybody be there with cameras. So we'll talk about that on the way. Plus, maybe some good news for cannabis cafes. Since we have been on the cannabis discussion here tonight, and you can bring up anything you want to discuss you're on free talk live with us on.

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