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Take two CEO Strauss Zelenik says. Google stadium over promised on its abilities. Strauss Zelic is the CEO of take two, and he's a very smart guy. When it comes to the video game business, he's the boss of Rockstar and gearbox, which has released games like grand theft auto and borderlands, both very successful franchises, so it's pretty safe to get behind his big bets. Take. Two did bet on Stadia. By bringing bread dead redemption to to the platform, but Zelenik seems less enthused about Google Stadia today. Steve Watts reported on xanax stadium thoughts for Gamespot writing. Take two CEO. Strauss zanuck says that Google stadium over promised on its -nology, and didn't seem to expand the market like it had hoped in a talk at the Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions Conference. Zone explained why the company had supported the release of streaming, and he doesn't sound positive on the platform so far. Streaming technology is upon us, he said the launch of stadium has been slow I think there was some over promising on what the technology could deliver and some consumer disappointment as a result. Stadia launched late last year, but about a month ago, it offered users the opportunity to sign up for a free trial of the service. If you signed up for that trial like I did when it became available, then it's about to run out. I have a reminder in my phone set to go off in about five days to remind me to cancel it or rather you know, make the decision regarding whether or not I want to cancel it. And I think I do. I was an weirdly am to a certain degree, still excited about stadium, but it all really comes down to the fact that while having the free trial, I really haven't used the service at all I have plenty of games to play on other platforms, and even though I really like the idea of playing PC games in bed on my laptop, all the Games that are available on stadium ended up being ones. I can plan other ways. There are still games being developed for stadium. which is what I am most interested in. Shannon Stud still left Sony Santa Monica and the God of war team to make something for Google Stadium and I am very excited to find out what that is. But. I am sure it's years away. Zelic seemed to imply in the Bernstein annual strategic decisions conference that take to didn't have any plans for continued stadia support at least nothing in the immediate future. That certainly doesn't mean it's dropping. Stadia or anything probably just means that if any take two games, do come to stadia. They will probably just come well after launching on the typical console and PC platforms. I I still Kinda Rooting for stadium I still like it conceptually, but Xanax lack of confidence doesn't really bode well for its long-term, future? Cate.

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