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And So I was kind of I. was Kinda thinking of the guy that's sitting in a small town. There is no church. He wants to start one and I. I thought him and put together. Hackers Guide, so he can get from no church to. Maybe even a thriving church is this isn't about small churches or say it's about having sort of impacting growing church like evangelist of last year's in a small smaller site. Sweet Okay So. Let's go so. I know you I have conversations before and like yeah I'm pretty nervous about the book launch like I'm really interested to see what other passengers are going to say when they read this. Because there is some controversial stuff in there that might call me out on like so elaborate on that little bit, maybe like a couple of points Guinness Lake. You're not going to edit this afterwards I'll honest I'm reading, and it's pretty rise. It's actually really good read so. What tried to be as raw, not filtered as possible. All in ended up actually haynick quite a bit I when my dad read it early on. He's a pastor. Dawson has been for many years. I have huge respect for my mom and Dad, and I sat down i. a Sheaf of papers I said have a read through. Tell me what you think. You're. GonNa. Get kicked out of your church. I like really what it'd be issues. Kinda pointed out a few things, but one of the things that comes across as an edge in. It's an intentional edge is is I. Kinda speak the language with Walter Throughout the book. Because! It's written to the small town. Bill Redneck of country, or whatever Boondocks, so I kinda used a lot of ocular in and I'll I never I always say never descend into to oilfield. Necessarily talk. From the oilfield I don't mean that as a slam, but try to keep it farmer land a little bit. But there's not a lot of is not find a lot of Christian books. Walk down that trail, but I really felt was important. Because I think one of the things in the church is especially in the small town is you're not gonNA. Speak the language culture and a lot of times. We bring this kind of. Intellectual kind of university language in small town doesn't work. You got to actually engage the culture. So. The, game year in a place like for Saint John Up and And speak the language culture without obviously having crass crude or anything like that so so I need to meet. I was one of the things I was nervous about for sure. And you know one thing, too. When you went because you talk a lot about the offense at you, guys have been a of enforcing John like Hardy in the poorer park candidates stuff party in the PARKA Christmas time. That was I was awesome when I remember the first one you guys did. We act able to block off the street huge on fire and live music and stuff like that. which was awesome? Oh Candy Planet, Red Halloween. You'll that. That was a huge hit so i. mean it's. It's really great to read the book and understand that. You know how how important leadership role in the church or the L. Pastoral is not just about prepping sermon, preaching sermons, but being engaged in the community understanding the community. And and reaching out in that way, so yup, I think I think the church has a ton to bring to a city setting. Beyond The Sunday gathering interesting way in the season read is there is no Sunday gathered now and so. I was thinking about the book. You'RE GONNA. Bring it up or whatever but. What what was written to know like the pastor of the Church? That was kind of the target now. Everybody is kind of anybody who was going to Banjul two months ago. is now pastor in their own church in their home right? There is no galley. Also I feel like a lot of the principals in the book, actually even more relevant because there's so many people having to kind of do self leadership and let's. It's kind of exciting so okay last question. Favorite section or part of the book? There's located first. Part of the book is about the small towns I think anybody can connect to that we. My wife and I are family. We Love Small Town. We believe in small town. I think we are you believe be some for Saint. John's biggest fans and the small town live, and so the first part of the book deals with that, and then the second part of the book deals with small. Town Church and there's there's a piece in there right talk about. Talk about just being cool. And I think like I. Just think as a pastor in small town. Usually you don't have faster. You don't have a big budget can't hire. Stop Right, but yet the way forward for the church or any organization as you've got, engage younger culture, and so inside, deliver chapter there on on just helping pastors hack their way into being cool, which goes. I actually just read through that section there. Get stuff of. It's so I mean. What kind of music to listen to? I kind of jokingly say most on cool music out there, Southern Gospel and Southern Gospel and Southern Gospel and for most pastors, my age, the hack being cool is eighties rock and roll, because we all know as rock and roll. And there's just some things we can do I. Actually think it's imperative. It's not really optional for the Church to thrive. It has thank yous the out that means that Solo Guy Passed Church fifty asked learn how to. Go Out and get a new word wrote. Do whatever you high. In fake your way into it. And, don't let anybody know you're you're trying you can't try to hard. That's Luger covering. Whatever I can have them at that. It's the chapter titles called. The a youth pastor obstructed a senior guys. Well, you know I. Just love how Chock full of infrared is like. There's not a lot of fluff in. Run on sentences and things like that that don't need to be in there. There's lots of bullet, point, formatting and things like that, so it's you know it's easy to read, but it's easy to grasp the themes that you're trying to get out of there, so Krisha. Cool all right well. I think that's going to wrap it up for today's episode. Thank you Tony for. US was really fun chat and we look forward to seeing you on the next episode. Right guys, thank you again for listening to this episode of pursue the hunt here on our podcast channel. We really hope that you enjoyed the interview today with Tony. Just a great chat and with great guy. And we just We really enjoyed that. Hunt together, so it's really good to just have that time to Kinda reminiscent. Go back and talk about things that we. Learned on the hunt and and things we would definitely do again, so thanks again for listening. Don't forget to click that. Subscribe Button and check out our youtube channel at pursued the hunt. 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