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From the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal this is Potomac Watch. Welcome back and it seems to me Kim that trump's biggest problem is. What he struggled with all along, which is message discipline and a prime example of that is his Labor Day press event He started out talking about positive job numbers touting that this is going to be a v-shaped recovery talking about opportunities zones, but it was a pretty long event in by the end he was talking about how the top people at the Pentagon quote want to do nothing but fight wars so that all those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else they happy unquote he brought up. Then, he called Joe Biden quote a stupid person unquote and I I it's. It's beyond me to understand why someone in the trump campaign can't get him to focus more on the message that he wants to win this election. Well Yeah but could you name anyone over the last four years that has been able to convince Donald Trump to stay on message? And it's weird. He'll go through periods of time where he does and I've come to note them. It's funny if you listen to him when he's on the Tele Prompter, he tends to have this different cadence to his voice. It's almost kind of a little bit more sing song and you can tell he's reading. He's supposed to be reading but you just can't get him to do it for very long and that press conference was an excellent example of the problems of that in that he had some really strong things to relate in the beginning and they are by far the best issues for the campaign. talked about the uptick in jobs ten point six new ones since May. Unemployment numbers dropping talked about his plans to end the pandemic and work that was being done on the vaccine talked about his promises on how to continue re growing the economy whether it was tax cuts or further cutting regulations cutting new trade deals or opportunity zones, overlooked portions of the American economy, and then all of that Kinda got swept away as got on iffy started talking about Hunter Biden, and then he started talking about his disagreements with John McCain over the time and. Whether or not? Yes there was this military industrial complex his out to get him This just allows the press to go with those issues and print headlines other than the ones that are actually helpful to the president's reelection campaign in John McCain came up I believe in part because of this Atlantic article this article in the Atlantic magazine last week with had some pretty explosive allegations from anonymous sources. So it says that during a presidential trip in two thousand, eighteen to France. There was a scheduled visit to an American cemetery was that was canceled and then here's a quote from the article says in a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit trump said quote why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers unquote and Jason there has been a a lot of a lot of commentary about this..

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