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Shop we have a brand new victory lane with lcd screens we have seven jumbo screens throughout the property so you can also see what's going on track while you're sitting in turn five turn one turns seven and eight so you always have an idea of what's going on not just what comes over the pa but also the lcd screens the communications director at elkhart lake road america i love the course jon i think you know you think about the brick yard in some of the traditional ovals and racing even the milwaukee mile there's something so appealing to the road america tracking and i think your logo kind of describes the track how they are in the mesh together well that's kind of a microcosm of this beautiful slinky winding turning tracks that you've developed we're very proud of it you know we've been around since nineteen fifty five five racers the world over revere road america they love coming back we're excited that you hear the defending indycar champion just a new garden saying his favorite track to come back to you know nascar drivers who are up and coming chase elliott who was bill elliott's dad bill elliott raised the road america now chase looks forward to coming back and he's actually graduated to the nascar circuit so you have guys that have raised in xfinity nascar series that actually love wrote america so much that they wished they could kind of come back even though they graduated to the monster cup series now and there's so many different sorts of vehicles that race on the track it's not just open wheel racing motorcycles there's more of your stock car as you talked about before if i'm gonna pick a in event if i can only make a dorota america for one event this summer and i know all these look great but is there a signature event on the schedule this year while i'm biased because i've been in the industry they're all great events we have the most diverse schedule than any road course any racetrack in the us as well as so many other things to do i would say my favorite would probably have to be the weathertech international challenge brian redman presented by hawk because if you are an automotive enthusiasts to car enthusiasts you get to see these classic cars formula one cars from the nineties nascar cars from the early two thousands that are not just bought.

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