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What with a high level discussions reflect rising concerns among the administration about the threat of the delta variant and a renewed focus on what measures they may need to you know have to reintroduced to slow the spread. And i love this. Chicago's local government approved the creation of a civilian police oversight board with the power to make changes to the budget. The seven-member group approved by both the city council and mayor lori lightfoot on wednesday we'll have the power to issue thirds votes of no confidence against police superintendents or board members the oversight body which has been called the first of its kind will also recommend changes to the budget for the chicago. Pd with the passage of this historic legislation. We have truly march significant milestone in our mission bringing further transparency to our police department and it's accountability agencies that was lory lightfoot before i even became mayor she said i promised on the campaign trail to pave a pathway for civilian oversight of the police. And today i'm proud to be able to deliver on that promise. In february two thousand twenty three chicago residents will vote on members of the oversight board and quote the candidates in each district receiving the greatest second greatest in third greatest number of votes will assume office on the first tuesday in may prior to the recent development the city employed the civilian office police accountability which conducts investigations into officer involved shootings and other matters. The new oversight board will have the power to appoint administrator or remove someone from the investigative group alderman. Matt martin called move the strongest civilian oversight law in the country so this is pretty great other cities take note and we'll have a great pilot here to study and look at see how it goes in chicago all right. I'll be right back with frank lenzi to discuss the time story about the fbi investigation into cavenaugh stay with us missile. Everybody ag for the beans. Acne breakouts always happen at the worst times. Ripe for a wedding right before senior pictures blah but my secret weapon is apostrophe of australia's the prescription skincare company with science backed oral and topical medication. Science back jay science they use are clinically proven to help clear. Acne apostrophe can actually a board certified dermatologist. And not not someone who board-certified themselves like rand paul..

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