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Was the Radio Convention? But I need I. If you WanNa if you want to become a bruce springsteen fan I would I would say look towards the live because he is one of the greatest live performers. I think the in history of music and he really does. Bring it to a next level with his live performances even to this day. Just plan to have three hours available. Four yeah, that's the one thing that I've always said. It was pretty cool about Bruce springsteen at a tough problem to have he show up, and he plays all kinds of weird stuff stuff you wouldn't expect in. The show goes on three hours. Wow! Takes me. Quests like little for the last like ten years. There's a there's a good like twenty minutes middle part of his show where he just takes requests from the crowd whether it be an obscure cover like. She's about a mover or like like a deep cut off of like. You know a bootleg song. He's never even released and go play that stuff you know, and it's because he's got a teleprompter in front of him. Right as one of the good things about having a teleprompter is that you're able to you know, change your set list. Fifteen songs new tonight Kinda thing. Pretty, cool I, know a bunch of my favorite bands and I wish they'd like that. All Right? We'll speak in a kiss. We've got a question from Al Horta. which non makeup kiss toured? You think had the best set list for AL, it was the hot in the shade tour with revenge to her as a close second. I'd I'd be inclined to agree with Al I think. At the time I thought, revenge was better because I was. Everybody was starved for seven. These materials and they lean heavily on seventies material in the revenge tour, but in hindsight, the hot shade settlers was almost perfect mix of seventy. And eighty stuff 'cause like even when they played national, they played under the gun, which they certainly wouldn't play from ninety two on so I would say hot in the shade that was like kind of the ultimate non makeup tour. Yeah, I totally agree with you Chris. And exactly what you said to the perfect mix of like the eighties, and the the the classic stuff is revenge. They're kind of leaning too much. On the seventy stuff raider putting it. All those idols retro. Documentaries and stuff like that race. Oh, but I saw two shows on that tour in a quick story. A First Toronto stop of a tour was a kiss white snake..

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