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Regards to rain. Yeah, there's a chance we could squeeze out a few showers but overall widespread rain chances not expected mostly sunny 99 degrees at DFW Airport. This news brought to you by Reliant Air conditioning with flu season approaching, the DFW medical community is warning of the potential for a quote twin Dimock this fall. Covid still spreading across Texas Just weeks sound from the official story of flu season our fears that we're going to have a twin dynamic of both Covic and a epidemic of influenza. Dallas pediatrician Albert Karam. Concerned about students and teachers. These diseases are transmitted by people being close together for long periods of time. Blue numbers were significantly down last year. But carom attributes that to mask requirements and virtual learning, which aren't has come in as they were a year ago. He encourages anyone who's eligible to get both the covid and flu vaccines. Clayton Neville W B A P News County judges from some of Texas's biggest metropolitan areas are weighing in on the debate over mask requirements. Governor Greg Abbott's ban on mask mandates at the local level has been met with dozens of lawsuits. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins calls the saga political fortunate that this is legalistic. And it appears to be a battle between politicians because I don't think people give a rip about you know, political egos think well, we're concerned about is human life. Jenkins says control should be returned to the local level. But Governor Abbott insists the time for mandates is over. The Biden administration announced it will deport Haitians who have illegally arrived in the U. S by the thousands at a border port of entry in Del Rio, Texas. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. We are meeting the challenge. We are addressing the vulnerabilities of the individuals we are surging resource is not only To ensure the security of this area of the security of the community, but also the well being of the migrants themselves. Despite warnings from the White House not to come, tens of thousands of Haitians are still arriving and the White House laying out what President Joe Biden plans to touch on. In his first remarks at the United Nations, General Assembly Secretary Jen Psaki says the president will speak about what he believes the next decade will hold not just for the United States. But for the global community, she says his focus will be on reestablishing ties and not turning inward. Also, the president hopes to hit on issues. The world is addressing the pandemic climate change and leveling the economic playing field fighting for democracy at home and abroad. That as the U. S and China stand at odds economically and ideologically in what U N Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez told The Associated Press. Is a completely dysfunctional relationship. Gremel Scott Fox NEWS. Texas visits Closing numbers on Wall Street, The Dow lost 614 points NASDAQ Down 330 the S and P 500 off by 75. Again the low Tonight 73. It is 99 degrees from the VIP news desk. I'm Eric Bushman. You're next update at 6 30 24 7 coverage of w b a p dot com on the WB AB Tuesday morning News. Brad's been talking about the Canadian cold front, pushing through everything smells like a dead beaver. Tomorrow. You'll know why we'll talk about the first day of the third Special session, Austin and General Milley says it's in his job description all begins at five tomorrow morning. Nicole with the news. Brad's forecast. Steve Live Sports body cook with traffic on the ones Brian and how we'll see you in the morning. Five on W B,.

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