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Cards. And you're like, you're like like ten minutes. Why do you need more time? Because you know, we have to start soon if I'm gonna make thirty. All right, you're organized, which is why you should have something like this on your phone. What thousand APs all right? Do you think that you could tell honestly about let me see your phone? Your passcode. All right. So you have like all right. This is great stuff on the front. I actually like your layout a lot. But. This like. This is crazy. What's crazy? Now. I feel judge. None of this is none of this makes sense makes sense. That makes sense. It makes sense in my heart. You know what I didn't take that into account? It makes sense in my heart. I didn't take that into account. I think that really doesn't make see I had it makes sense science sports and random shit those my three buckets and then all of its random shit. Yeah. But I will say all the important stuff is in the front. See I hate when people are like seven hundred comments, call me crazy. If you see if you see Keith's phone, you'll be like, okay now, we got we got its bad conversation him. Yeah. He first of all he has fourteen pages and like Instagram, which he uses is on the sixth. Yeah. So it's like dude just put it in the front. Yeah. You know, you got all these after not using all N either you grub hubs seamless, drizzly fucking all the shit. I can't delete some apps, you could delete some clear some out, and I don't even like having two pages to be completely honest with you. I only have like eight apps on the second page and it killed me that I had to get another page. You gotta do it. Sometimes I only one page. How did this turn into us attacking? Joe? I don't know. I don't know. I'm not sure know anyway, you want to get these sponsors these sponsors. All right. We're gonna get to the spots. Get some that work ethic. The house that me. You're going to have that work ethic. Which I don't McGregor grinder. Speaking of grinder. Let me ask you this real quick for against the gay ten four before we get into the at the gate. I mean, not we get we're not gonna get into the app for into the ads. Okay. Would you ever? Download grinder just to see like how the gay community fucks with that s. Probably not I almost kind of want to do it. You wanna see if if you'd be? Yeah. If I can relay some attention you wanna blue ball the whole app. Yes. Sure. I don't wanna people's emotions. But like a part of me just wants to be like how my doing the gay community 'cause like in the straight community. I know where I stand. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. I wanna see like where these cheeks standing like a different community. You know what I'm saying? You know what? I mean. I think you'd clean up. I think I do. All right. I think you do pretty. Yeah. I don't really know for sure you'd craw. Why I'm a little twang? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They would love you on there. Yeah. I get killed in there. Your inbox would be insane. Yeah. I don't know. There was this one time. I was talking to this gay guy on a set that was on when I worked at elite not a gay porn that. But no, we that's right. Where my head went what a gay porn set now. But I was talking to him. And it was so funny because we were talking about grinder actually because he said that he was like on it or whatever. And I was like I was looking at it seeing how close it was tender, whatever. Yeah. They do it by feet like a hundred feet away. Shut your fucking mess. Swear to God. Sometimes it's like that like when they're very close more of a DT, F AP. Oh, yeah. And that's the thing that I said, and I'm obviously this guy is speak for gay people. But he he said I remember what he said to me is like dude as a straight guy, you think about sexual time..

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