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That's what people are consuming i mean kids born today aren't talking about like in this might even be too old school for you guys like must see tv on nbc which i grew up with like those those references aren't even they are the only reference they have off the only reference that they have our youtube in snapchat instagram like they're not talking about lead the old forms of media so i wanna know aware you see this industry in five years i know it's hard to predict because it you just said it's changing every six months but if you if you had to really it channel and think and and really know where it's going to be in five years what is like your vision for the space what is your vision for me i don't know what his michaels pathak gary kind of so in five years you're going to have probably tawny between sort of twenty to fifty influencers who have the same sort of brand relevancy as like a martha stewart did in her hay day it's really peep absolutely absolutely i want to know more about that when we look at and look at someone like you know jake paul who's not nar client but you know he has this insane insane engagement following and like and he's super talented and he came up in this space and you know that's the kind of person who is going to be you know who's got the potential to be the rock um i mean we see at all day long 100 percent have clients who and i look at them i thank okay there there the next louis pulitzer or like that the next on a karen or that's you know um.

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