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I'm not sure everyone is still on the same page as us where it's like Americans can really do this. It's almost like you need to continually prove yourself improve yourself improve yourself again. Does that allow you to play with a chip on your shoulder? I play with a chip on my shoulder no matter what, it's just how I am out. It was raised. It's roger and my lord, have I been looking forward to this one. Welcoming back a young American who is soaring in the English Premier League, living out his dreams at Leeds United and showing the world that it should fear a fist, first clenched in duchess county. When we last spoke, he just rolled into that tradition so club legion united alongside fellow baby eagle, Brendan aronson, and since then, they've been battles one, big game glory, American flag shouldered, major lead soccer wonder and with some lessons learned along the way. It's a joy to be with him to unpack it all at the time. When the World Cup is just 72 days away, we'll live the twists and turns of his ongoing hero's journey on this show, Tyler Adams, rude to the cup, presented by Volkswagen. God bless your VW, few brands do more for U.S. football. And it's a joy to welcome back from Leeds a up, mister Tyler Adams. Hey up rod, how are you doing, man? Oh, Tyler, you have been in Leeds for 9 long weeks and you already sound like you were born there. Yeah, I know this Yorkshire accent turned into me now. You go in a bit, Brad friedel on this, but I need to hear. How are you adapting to life in leads off the field? It's been really, really good so far. I've been very fortunate, you know, my girlfriend is now moved over. She had finished up with her job in Germany and now we're settling here and leads and it's been a really good transition. You know, finding a house, having all the furniture move over, really starting to make it feel like home. And especially not living in a hotel anymore, it's been a good feeling. What's been the hardest thing to adjust to about England? Because it does have its idiosyncrasies. Yeah, I'd have to be The Rain for me or waking up every morning and raining. That's a big change for me in Germany. The weather wasn't amazing, but it wasn't raining every day. That's for sure. So getting used to The Rain is a little bit different, but to be honest with you, after going through a transition for almost four years in Germany and moving out of the house at an early age. It's easy to adapt to a different environment. And

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