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One other matter we had a very strong tough budget. Coming out to hold down. Spending presents talked about this at least five percent reduction in the non-defense accounts across the board. And I think that's going to help. And then finally my own very has always been. Economic growth is absolutely essential to reducing the deficit share a GDP, which is the burden on the economy. And if you look at our numbers, which are moving somewhat, but not enormously we anticipated a much lower deficit share of GDP. Meanwhile, partial government shutdowns possible again next month. That's when funding for many agencies runs out February fifteenth under these short term deal reached Friday, the National Transportation Safety board says the government shutdown update from sending investigators to twenty two accidents involving thirty deaths. The agency says it will now begin those probes. But evidence may have been lost that could prevent finding a cause. And of course, the TSP determines the cause of transportation accidents and makes recommendations to prevent them. It had to furlough three hundred sixty seven of three hundred ninety seven employees of the accidents included fifteen involving aircraft that caused twenty one deaths. Two on railroads, resulting in two deaths and to highway crashes one of which killed seven people. The NTSB said it couldn't evaluate six other accidents to figure out if it should send investigators at the crash that killed seven people occurred. January third on I seventy five near Gainesville, Florida. California regulators have approved a measure allowing the nation's largest utility Pacific Gas and electric to immediately obtain credit and loans while the companies under chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. The California Public utilities commission approved the motion data rockets last minute meeting Monday over the chance of protesters yelling. Shame on.

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