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Places which makes detection more difficult for example the soles of the feet is a common location. Isn't that what happened wasn't that molly didn't he get some retirement already didn't we place and yet but molly against repeat we wasn't it was it was under the nail bed on his under toenail they had a skin cancer as a football injury and it's not that yeah exactly that he got skin cancer under Tony well this is why you know there's another example why say men should wear sandals Komo against it axiom to live by so you know sunburns come from the sun which is a star Oh yeah yeah do you ever do you ever find yourself curious about the life and death of Stars Matt Man I really do if is there some way that we could learn there is a good way very good very free this kind of subsidy subscription there is that would give us access to that and thousands of other lectures by top lecturers and scientists and professor in that field there's a thing called the great courses plus yes and you can go to the great courses plus dot com slash probably right now and have thirty days a free access to their entire catalog of thousands of lectures on everything from dinosaurs space exploration painting playing music this huge library this oh actually kind of coming full circle because this costs the one that you just mentioned the life and death of stars is taught by Professor cave-in GE strengthen who is at Vanderbilt University which you might have heard of recently on account of its saving our good friend Jesse cases from Nashville isn't it it is that's the university teaching hospital that basically a SORTA Jesse out really just to get keep his stage four cancer bay they are a World Class University and a world class professor of physics is teaching this course this is a twenty four lecture series on the life and death the stars that I mean this is a great sort of justification for this as a medium both video audio by the way you can listen to these as just all you want I've been doing this quite a bit I've been jumping between the nice thing about how this was with the APP on the phone and then the desktop version and a diversion through your apple TV or Roku whatever is you can jump between formats I've been listening to as podcast when I mean driving and then got home when continued with the lecture when I've got back to Micronesia but I think this is one that we really does benefit from the visuals lecture the fourth one in stellar nurseries has this really cool virtual fly through of the stellar nursery and the Orion Nebula so it's nice have in addition to great information great visualizations to go along with some of these things so these are just like on line courses level sources and yet they're they've been on new sponsor reasoning we really love them and it's not just science stuff they've got also said like you were just doing the wine tasting one can't taste through the up you know you have to buy some wine to accompany could could make of it for free you could sign up completely free for a free trial for thirty days if you just go to the great courses plus dot com slash probably that's the hookup that they've probably slash probably hasn't probably yeah that's all a little ask coach that's our hookup so they've given us for others learn about writing fiction about stress management translating Hieroglyphs Nemeth thing it's on there yeah they've they could be good they really is I've been I've been watching a few of those kind of things organization wants a negotiator negotiating when I was looking at some cool things like that learn to negotiate man acting on there I wouldn't be surprised because they have a bunch of arts things like they have music and visual arts I bet there's an acting won the clauses plus man I can't wait to do these great courses they sound great there is a there is one rose mustering stage presence as a course well that's an interesting comedian down you've got you've probably got your a something. The Conflict Management I Wanna I wanNA talk some hostages out of Pasta tickers out of taking their hostages Avenue there's a lot there's a lot of that also stuff but yeah the life and death Dawes's the one that we've been different to most recently is pretty cool once again the great cool says plus dot com slash probably for thirty day free trial what do you think is the coolest course oh I don't know I really enjoyed we did there was one that we did a couple of months ago that was a the understanding the misconception disci- yeah yeah that one is very cool because every episode was able to go in like vastly different directions but they're all they're all great and taught by top professors and lecturers and it's a very engaging and you know it's like a cross between it's like eating your vegetables but they're delicious Brussel sprouts came back around suddenly. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah smoked with garlic salt and yes see this is a hipster Brussels sprouts of online educational services much they're gonNa love this vegetable yeah we got to be a bit in that your mom wanting to eat Brussel sprouts and you're like I hate Brussels sprouts your pain and you just turned out that she couldn't cook it was like a skillet was like all she needed was a smoker and some organic see Saul just dumping it in water the only way you can fuck up sprouts boil it in water until it's boiling was a pretty stead produce has changed or like the farmers market I don't know twenty thirty years ago there was this preponderance of farmers markets and access to fresh from the more recent thing right yeah but I guess like blaming my mom we had canned vegetables. Sometimes I just mean the Bleich Brussel sprouts fancy now you go to a restaurant and it's a fifteen dollar appetizer and get never boiled it's yeah they're not boiled there and they're always ready made with butter and garlic I might actually do this Hungary there's a few cooking courses but one of them is cooking basics what everyone should know that seems that actually might be quite a Handy WanNa do that go there's little cooking Victoria thanksgiving Turkey as an individual election oh I'm gonNA that's that's an impossibility like every year by brothers tried to do some like one year my brother bought a deep fryer and bright we Mike cattle drama or one of those giant things you put in the driveway area to the earth on the hot Colo Colo a half a day one of them and they were just injecting tons of a saltwater into because we always have like a pretty not always but like I think one year we have close to fifty people at this Thanksgiving dinner so it's like a multiple Turkey Thanksgiving so that you can do apples apples Turkey two Turkey comparisons of the different styles of cooking for each of the by the way sorry what were you gonNa say let's say I think this might be my first Thanksgiving in La what are you GonNa do I don't know like I've always gone back to Denver but I have a day job now so like I don't know that that I can they're all their offense Thera few Olefin Thanksgiving's the various comics through wanted Shirley in Conley's house time ended with Holiday Karaoke for some reason right that does figure I thought when you were talking about the life and death stars when I thought I thought you were going to segue into the story that was in the dock that Milky Way Center exploded three point five million years ago a cataclysmic energy flavor rip million not billion that's not very long ago that is not that long ago in in Universe Yeah 'cause most times a cataclysmic energy flair ripped through a galaxy the milky way about three and a half million years ago say a team of astronomers they say the so-called sy- Flyer started near the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy the impact was felt two hundred thousand light years away the discovery that the Milky Way Center was more dynamic than previously thought can lead to a complete re tation of his have Aleutian the results dramatically changed your understanding of the Milky Way says co Wotho Maxima Google Liam Oh by the way Komo that's not a real person not Real University of Sydney scientists beg is now Real Woman Makmur oh I've just found it as a female we always yeah that's that is a fantastic scientists magma lovett magma googly Mo from universities Sydney fake if they go back to if we go back to do a live probably science at so in Australia we might need to get Google Home Oh yeah we always ought of galaxy is inactive galaxy would not with a not so bright center she added listen this Galaxy's back injury right now because you have to insult the intelligence of the center is so bright maybe not book bright but his emotional intelligence very nice it's a very nice galaxy very pleasant to be around galaxy sedentary little slow like it's always fun when you read stuff like that 'cause like my I into your like Oh the the center of the Milky Way exploded three point five million years ago I'm like I'm just hearing about does now took them that long by the way I think the BBC has screwed up somewhere hold this article everything else it's not real thick magma is Magda Maga what it could be mcduck cookie it could also be says the neath like magma could be the name of the Science Group whole what what university that she supposedly works Maqta okay they there is a typhoon Danas magnetically still a great night we're still solid name who tweets whose twitter handle is at astro confusion well that's quite an got messed up right the media is a doctor of astrophysics by the looks of things and also an under and over water photographer on an scuba diver in other words photographer photography everything is in the subset of either outside of or inside of water and that does take pictures in both those two states trying to find a link to her photos that yeah there we go but all right Hey Magda I reckon with a number of Australian this is we're probably no more than one or two degree separation have you ever Austrailia we have we did a life a little tour of life probably science shows at the beginning of this year that's so cool I've never been I wanted to go as a kid it was really fun it was as you've heard Australia is for various reasons all largest puck capita listenership really so it's a very podcast friendly nation it's a pulse for any nation and we had a couple of high profile Australians you've really help boost our audience and so we got to yeah we hit we hit was it five different Australian and cities in Brisbane that's so cool Eddie Melbourne and I want to go to Australia so bad that come with us we're hoping to come back out in two thousand twenty where it's a good comedy well they would appreciate you they need they would enjoy what you offer I wanna go so bad somebody bring me Australia. There is a tool by the way the Melbourne Comedy Festival has a couple of showcase shows every year that all American comics doing sort of three to four comics Bill do but that's not you can't into that probably right I think that's more case of get your people to contact the people who book that put the put your name in front of them no car but Sydney was the best or both both I think Bells Beach I wanna see kangaroo so bad that is very easy to do in certain places peck peck wallows in certain places but other places did I like my my high school math teacher was Australian and he's the one that told me that in Austin they actually hate kangaroo like that they're like deer everywhere that's exactly fear is exactly the kind of equipment or Larry or in America like they get onto the roads yeah there's probably like fucking kangaroo wallabies where we just was the craziest thing I've ever seen because would just we we were being driven back by by Mick by I think it was Mick spout who was looking for us and helped us get out there in the first place and he we driving back from the place we were drinking off to the show.

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